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Stoicism As An Answer To These Trying Times



Lives of the Stoics co-author, Ryan Holiday, asserts that stoicism is upfront and helpful, although it isn’t the easiest to execute.

For the Stoics, self-mastery is essential when dealing with this confusing world. Thus, stoicism is the main focus of the book, “Lives of the Stoics,” which was co-authored by American strategist, thinker, and scholar Ryan Holiday together with his publisher, Stephen Hanselman.

The study of Stoicism originated in Ancient Greece, coined by the philosopher, Zeno. Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, the royal emperor from 121 CE to 180 CE, was its most famous follower.

The philosophy has a couple of basic tenets:

One, there are various unprecedented crises that occur in life. In ancient times, these were mainly attributed to famines, floods, wars, and political revolutions. At present, we have climate change, nuclear power, and COVID-19.

Two, these upheavals do not get solved by complaining against the unfairness of it all. It doesn’t help to lose hope, as well. Instead, it is best to remain unflustered and adopt the four principles, namely discipline, wisdom, courage, and justice.

“Stoicism is for difficult times. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re doing, life is demanding that you live by those ideals now. It’s not easy, but it is at least straightforward,” explains Holiday.

We need to note that Marcus Aurelius Antoninus led Rome during a 14-year plague. He died while fighting an on-going pestilence in his nation. Zeno went on to study philosophy after a catastrophic shipwreck left him without money and property.

“We have this caricature of philosophers being totally out of touch with real world. The truth is that the ancients live moments just like this one,” Holiday shares, describing the similarities of today’s situation with the old.

The following are five essential tips to riding out the pandemic using stoicism:

1. Discover your points of control

According to Zeno, stoicism is dependent upon ethics and logic. Change only the things you can alter.

2. Prioritize the quality of your existence

What can you initiate to create more happiness in yourself? How can you use your available resources to bring forth such joy?

3. Distinguish the difference between irrational and rational fears

In stoicism, irrational fears are called “passions.” Pinpoint the real threats in your life. Then do steps 1 and 2 again.

4. Never expect—or await—perfection

No one can remain a stoic 24/7. “Who’s perfect? Especially lately. The pandemic has tested all of us. Such is life. We’ll get through it because we don’t have a choice. We can use this as a chance to grow and improve and rise to the challenge. I’m not always as good as I’d like to be about it, but I am trying,” Holiday stresses.

5. Test your mortality

Stoicism asserts that everyone, at some point, will have to die. It is crucial to accept this inevitable fact and learn to appreciate the present. The philosophy does not merely educate us on how to live life to the fullest but on how to face death, as well.



How Gen Z Spends Their Money Could Affect the Future Market




Generation Z is made up of more than 2 billion young people aged 10 to 22. These young people are expected to surpass Millennials’ income and reach over one quarter of global income in the next ten years! Gen Zers are spending their money differently and take a different approach when choosing what brands they support. Looking at these different spending patterns can help to better understand how the market may change in coming years.

Gen Z has an overall $143 billion in annual spending. Most of this spending power goes into things like clothes, shoes, and apps. With already such a large amount of money that Gen Z has available to spend, the generation also has another $120 billion that is contributed by families each year. This money often goes towards bigger things like furniture, household goods, and travel expenses. 

Brands that are marketing directly to Gen Z such as clothing brands are finding more success with online marketing. With so many young people spending more time online, brands are using online advertisements on platforms such as TikTok and Youtube. Companies who are customizing their marketing strategies to the new generations’ habits are finding more success and can expect to continue this success as Gen Z’s earning power increases. To learn more about Generation Z and how they are affecting the market, take a look at the infographic below:

How Gen Z Relates To Brands and How it Will Disrupt Global Markets
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Asphalt: The Importance of Versatility in Environmental Efforts




Sustainability is the name of the game as we as a society move towards a more green way of living. One of the most effective ways to maintain this sustainability is to turn to recyclable materials. Asphalt is considered one of the most useful and sustainable recycled materials, and was actually named the most recycled material on the planet in 2021. Also referred to as bitumen and made of a mix of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, and hydrogen, asphalt is mainly used for roadways, waterproofing surfaces, parking lots, and roof shingles. It has become one of the most prominent building materials in the United States in recent years, and is considered a 100% renewable construction resource. 

In order to understand the asphalt economy, one must understand the circular life cycle of bitumen. As asphalt reaches the end of its lifecycle, it is picked up by a company that extracts the usable material from the waste. That usable material is then resold to providers for a number of different projects and uses. This method is very effective, as nearly 100% of all asphalt pavement is recovered annually. In addition to asphalt being very easy to recycle, it also helps to prevent CO2 from entering the atmosphere, saves taxpayers billions of dollars, and cuts production costs of many large paving projects across the country. Today, the asphalt recovery market is a $7.1 billion dollar industry, with only more sales expected to come in the near future. From roads to roofing, asphalt recycling is a key player in both the present and future of environmental efforts in the United States.

The Asphalt Economy - Asphalt Recycling Matters More Than Ever
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5 Ideas For Turning Your Home Into a Luxury Escape




5 Ideas For Turning Your Home Into a Luxury Escape

The impacts of the lockdowns due to the pandemic have left people feeling nervous, fatigued, and restless. Staying in your home for long periods of time is against human nature.

It’s normal to feel bored, staring at the four walls in your home every day. And while it’s impossible to bring all the elements of a luxury escape into your home, you can create a sense of relaxation and sanctuary.

Here are some ways to give your home the feeling of a luxury resort.


To transform your home into a lavish place, you will first need to declutter. And while some people find decluttering difficult, it doesn’t have to be. Start by reorganizing your furniture, arranging your decorations, and getting rid of things that you no longer use.

Additionally, make sure that there is no clutter in the entryway. Remove all the tables, consoles, and desks that might be blocking the way. To keep things organized, consider getting multipurpose storage. Remember to also keep the things that make you joyful and declutter each day to keep your home clean and organized. Besides, decluttering is good for your mental health.

Cultivate relaxation

Luxury resorts have warm and comforting textures and scents. You will need to keep that in mind if you want to create a cozy home for yourself. Fortunately, you won’t have to go far to get what you need – almost everything is within your reach.

Remember that this is dependent on yourself, so, try to deliberate on the feelings that make you relax. Light candles or build a fire pit in your backyard or add an indoor fireplace. You can use this fireplace buyer’s guide to determine the right one for your home.

Build a fountain

When thinking of a fountain, most people picture it outside a business or a luxurious hotel. However, you can build one in your backyard. You too can achieve that bubbling sound with a few stones, a pump, and water.

It is easier to build a fountain and create the needed sound level. Besides, having a fountain can help you get rid of unwanted noise and attract wildlife; all of which play a significant role in creating a relaxing place.

Additionally, the space in your yard will greatly affect the size, style, shape, and color of the fountain. However, regardless of the type of fountain, remember that it will need maintenance to keep it in perfect condition.

Add colorful plants

Almost everyone likes visiting new places for a change of scenery, but why shouldn’t that be the case every day? Why not add some pop of color and fragrance to your backyard? You can easily create the feeling of a fresh place by planting foliage that you don’t have in your garden. However, remember to choose plants that are native to your location.

Dine outside

The pleasant views and aesthetics of most retreat spots make eating outside amazing. However, that feeling is not limited to hotels and restaurants. Get the right spot on your patio and set a dining area and transform your eating experience. Remember that the furniture you pick must be durable to withstand any weather conditions.

Summing Up

Just because you love being at home doesn’t mean that you should spend the entire day gazing at your four walls. Plus, you don’t have to go to a luxury hotel to experience the feeling of relaxation and tranquility. You can bring them all into your home with the above simple ideas.

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