10 Tips to Make Your Heart Healthier

Heart health is a serious issue, especially in America, where one in every four deaths is related to heart disease. That’s over 600,000 deaths a year.   Your heart is crucial to your overall health, and you need to take better care of it. Humans are living longer in general and our heart is working harder than ever.

Cardiovascular health isn’t easy, so strap in and get ready for another full time job.   Just because you are younger doesn’t mean you are out of danger, heart disease affects people of all ages.

Here are 10 helpful tips to keep your heart in great shape.

See Your Doctor

You should be having a physical every year, not just to keep your doctor’s wallet full either. A yearly check up will keep your health on track and make sure you aren’t in any risk. I like to put this one first because it really is so important. It is better to find out if you have any risk or issues that need attention early, so they can be addressed. Most insurance plans allow one yearly physical so it shouldn’t cost you more than your co-pay, so you have no excuses.

Make sure your doctor checks your ticker with a full cardiovascular workup, along with your normal checkup.



Your heart is a muscle, so you have to exercise it. Most people workout to lose weight or stay in shape, but they don’t realize they are working their heart out as well. Doctors recommend a 30-minute workout five times a week to keep your ticker pumping blood.   It’s not easy to get these workouts in everyday so try and keep yourself motivated with a workout partner or maybe a FitBit.   Regardless of how you do it, just do it, like Nike always says.


Lose Weight

Overweight people have a much higher chance of getting vascular disease so you have to lose weight. Weight problems can cause a litany of problems including high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. Get on a diet and start working out, it will literally save your life. No one wants to die young, so eat healthy and live longer, period.



Well, they say that laughter is the best medicine and they are right. Laughing releases endorphins into your body and releases good cholesterol into your bloodstream. So go see a stand up show or just goof around with some friends to keep your heart healthy.



Doctors recommend 6-8 hours of sleep a night for a reason, its healthy. Your heart will thank you. Sleep is your body’s recovery time so getting enough is key to overall health. Too little sleep cause normal functions of the body to be less effective, putting stress on the heart.


Stress Less

Stress is a silent killer but it is a main cause of high blood pressure in America.   When your body is stressed, it has to work extra hard for normal routines, this added workload hurts your heart. Try and relieve some stress every day, whether it is by meditating or breathing techniques.


Quit Smoking

Wait, why are you still smoking anyway? Science has proven that cigarettes are horrible for your health overall and are killers to hearts. The CDC says that smoking greatly increases your risk of heart disease, so do you need any more reasons to quit. Second hand smoke is a killer too, so keep smokers out of your life and for the love of al that is good, please don’t smoke near kids.


Eat Heart Healthy

Your food is your body’s fuel, so don’t put junk in your tank. Eat a heart healthy diet and you will have a happy heart. Follow the American Heart association’s diet plan and you can still eat all your favorite foods, just healthier. You don’t have to be on a seriously restrictive diet, just be smart and eat less bad foods.

Fill up on omega-3 fatty acids by eating fish oil pills to supplement your heart.


Brush Your Dang Teeth

Who knew that brushing your teeth would stop you from having heart disease, but it does. Researchers have found that people with gum disease often end up with cardiovascular disease. The bacteria involved in gum disease can make its way to the heart and destroy it from the inside.

So, basically brush twice a day and floss regularly. Get checked out by the dentist as well, so you don’t get gum disease.


Sexual Activity

Sex is another way to work out your heart, and more fun than running on a treadmill. Just being touched by someone lowers heart risk, by lowering blood pressure and stress.  Love truly can cure all and it certainly helps with your heart. Find some love out there or at the least some human contact.


Follow these easy 10 tricks and keep your heart in great shape and pumping life juice for years to come.


Photos courtesy of Fellowship, st.Marys, epainassist, NewHealthCorp