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Weight Loss Superfoods

Foods that are classified as super contain high levels of nutrients and antioxidants. These foods help build bones, improve your eyesight, keep your mind quick and prevent chronic illnesses. If that wasn’t enough, scientists now believe that they help with weight loss. As if we needed another reason to love superfoods.



Superfoods seem to be the new “It” term in the food health world. You can’t go 10 minutes without someone talking about a new superfood and how amazing it’s making them feel. Superfood in general isn’t a new term; it’s just being tossed around so much it’s become part of our lexicon.  

Foods that are classified as super contain high levels of nutrients and antioxidants. These foods help build bones, improve your eyesight, keep your mind quick and prevent chronic illnesses. If that wasn’t enough, scientists now believe that they help with weight loss. As if we needed another reason to love superfoods.


Check out my list of the most beneficial superfoods available today.


Coffee is my favorite super food and my morning lifeblood. Coffee helps with appetites, wakes you up and is jacked full of antioxidants. Drink it without sugar for optimal results.



Avocados are my wife’s favorite food and they are just so damn healthy. Avos have that good fat, mono-saturated fats. These healthy fats satiate your stomach and you will feel less hungry. Avocados have long been known to help with weight loss as well as providing good fiber and protein.



Eggs have a ton of healthy protein that will keep you feeling full long after breakfast is over. Don’t forget about breakfast for dinner, a great twist to revitalize your night.



Blueberries have incredible anti-aging properties because they are so rich with antioxidants. The real life fountain of youth must just be filled with blueberry juice. Blueberries make great snacks and pack tons of fiber along with natural sugars.


Black Beans

Black beans are an amazing source of protein, packing 15 grams into one serving. These are especially powerful and don’t have any of the bad saturated fats that are present in other proteins like red meat.



Oats are key to a healthy diet since they are full of fiber, which makes your body feel full. These oats are also heavy with resistant starches, which burns fat and speeds up the metabolism.



Salmon has all the healthy fat your body needs and none of the bad fats like red meat. Fill up on salmon and watch your weight melt away. Salmon has monosaturated fats that help you feel full.



Eat these little tubes of goodness when they still have a little green on them, bananas are packed with Resistant Starch, which boost your metabolism.


Red Wine

Red wine is magical thanks to the skin of the red grapes. Grape skin is full of Resveratrol, which is the antioxidant that basically stops fat from storing in your body. Drinking red wine every night will make you healthier and happier in life.



Eat these little tubes of goodness when they still have a little green on them, bananas are packed with Resistant Starch, which boost your metabolism.


Dark Chocolate

Oh baby, we’ve been waiting for some deliciousness. Dark Chocolate can slow down your digestion process, making you less hungry for long periods of time.



This wonderful fruit can help with weight loss by blocking sat storage. Grapefruits have a compound in them that lowers insulin levels and stops the body keeping fat around. People who eat a grapefruit daily can burn up to a pound a day by doing nothing else.



Nuts are an amazing source of healthy fats and fiber, which makes you feel full. Almonds are great snacks that keep you full of energy and protein.


Green Tea

Full of antioxidants, green tea is your best weapon against illness. Packing more antioxidants than any other superfood, green tea should be a daily drink for you.



Broccoli is a cancer killer and not in a bad way. These green wonders pack so much fiber and antioxidants; one could possibly live off just broccoli and be fine.



Full of resistant starches, lentils will fill you up with healthy carbs and no waistline adding ones. Lentils are a great meat substitute as well, offering tons of protein.



Packed with fiber and very low calories, oranges are a great snack and should be a staple of your daily intake.



There are certainly more superfoods, but these are my favorites. Chow down on these and get the results you are looking for.



Photos courtesy of superfoods, atkins, amandaKJones, Pinterest, dreamstime

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A Guide to Better Scalp Care



It is frequently easy to disregard the things that we cannot see. With scalp care, for instance, most people simply adopt the habit of shampooing their hair regularly. Some wash their scalps—and hair—daily while others prefer to do so every other day. Depending on your preference, you might even do the washing only once a week.

Nevertheless, beauty experts assert that it is essential to have a better scalp care routine. The scalp is a literal extension of your face and disregarding its condition can easily lead to several conditions including itching, dryness, and irritation—and dandruff. A dirty, uncared-for scalp can potentially become a breeding ground for unwanted parasites like lice, or even cause unnecessary hair loss.

But what does the scalp do for us and why do we need to take better care of it?

The scalp is not different from the skin in the body. Although it grows thicker and longer hair than all the other parts of the body, it is anatomically the same as all the other areas in the human body. The scalp, however, has more oil glands, 100,000 hair follicles, and five levels—or layers—of tissue.

The scalp’s sebaceous glands produce sebum or oil which, then, helps determine the condition of the hair and the scalp’s skin. The specific production of sebum is different from individual to individual. The scalp does not simply provide us with hair. It also protects our skull from infection and trauma. Regular scalp care, then, is important as this promotes both the healthy hair growth and scalp protection.

When questioned about the best scalp care routine, Michelle Henry, a dermatologist, says that a healthy scalp must not have any problems. “We shouldn’t see redness, we shouldn’t see irritation, and we shouldn’t see a lot of scales or buildup. It should not feel tender and it should not have an odor,” she shares. Henry adds that it is always best to consult a dermatologist if you experience any of these scalp conditions.

Scalp care is similar to the overall skin care regimen. The scalp must always be clean, replete of dirt, debris, and oil. Nonetheless, it is also essential to let it stay hydrated. Like with skin hydration, hydrating your scalp must be dependent on the type of scalp you have. For instance, if you have dry scalp, it is recommended that you avoid over-stripping it with scrubbing.

Shampoos and hair conditioners are dependent on the type of scalp you have. If you have an oily scalp, you can use sulfate-free shampoos. You can even purchase a shampoo that exfoliates your scalp. One with sea salt can work wonders. Those with dry scalps, however, must use a scalp toner which helps moisturize the scalp. A moisturizing shampoo and conditioner can also help.

Scalp care is as important as overall skin care. Longer and thicker hair can be achieved when the scalp is allowed to remain healthy, clean, and moisturized. Depending on the type of scalp you have, however, you should only choose products that are entirely right for you.

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Sedentary Lifestyle Can Abruptly Damage Your Health



Having a sedentary lifestyle can quickly damage your health as it can lead to serious issues like diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Massive and prolonged lockdown protocols in the US have forced many to adopt a sedentary lifestyle. The need to limit COVID-19 transmission led a lot of citizens to spend more time sitting at home and forego daily commutes. According to experts, most Americans are now spending a daily average of six (6) hours sitting as compared to the daily average of four (4) hours prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Most citizens, even the typically active ones, are now adhering to a more sedentary lifestyle with physical activity dropping to almost one-third of pre-pandemic times. Those who used to be sedentary became even more sedentary, as well, asserts a recent research published in the Psychiatry journal.

These alarming trends stipulate, then, that the average American has a more sedentary lifestyle at present as compared to any other period in history. “We have definitely seen instances of increased sedentary behavior, especially with more people at home during lockdowns, and more unemployment,” mentions Dr Richard Yoon, orthopedics chief at Jersey City Medical Center. “Not only the physical effects but also the mental challenges posed by the pandemic have taken their toll. And I have seen that some of my patients are less active and visiting the fridge more often because of the loss of their old routines,” Yoon adds.

An increased sedentary lifestyle leads to several health issues including heart disease, weight gain, diabetes, and even death. The prevalent trends of work-from-home (WFH) arrangements and distance learning schemes further exacerbate the problem.

“It definitely takes less time for an unhealthy lifestyle to take hold than an active, healthy one. Once you get into a routine of not doing much, you can start feeling the effects right away,” Yoon points out. “Muscle breakdown can start in as little as 24 hours, and aches and pains start to creep in,” he stresses.

Furthermore, sitting all day can even lead to an increased experience of back pain which, then, encourages people to perpetuate a more sedentary lifestyle. People who do not feel well tend to decrease their physical activities and the tempting idea of staying immobile takes hold.

“Sedentary behavior and lifestyle have a very strong link to the development of back pain,” asserts Dr Medhat Mikhael, a pain management specialist at the Spine Center of the MemorialCare Orange Coast Medical Center. “Weight gain that puts a load on the spine and weakened abdominal and back muscles together with weakened ligaments would lead to further load on the spine,” he continues. “All of these effects and changes would create a vicious circle of back pain and further physiological and mechanical deterioration of the spine.”

The vicious cycle that results from adopting a sedentary lifestyle gets further supported by the gradual appearance of different health issues as more and more Americans follow the lockdown protocols mandated to stop the spread of COVID-19. However, there is a need to exert some effort, even when remaining at home, so that this sedentary lifestyle does not take hold—and encourage the onset of several physical and mental issues.

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Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle During the Holidays



It is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This becomes particularly difficult during the Christmas holidays when food becomes overflowing and simultaneous celebrations sway you toward overindulging your palate.

Experts stress that it is important to focus on having a healthy lifestyle during the upcoming holiday season. Harvard’s Medical School fellow, Dr Beth Frates, provides us with several tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the year-end celebrations.

Dr Frates mentions the necessity of maintaining your workout routine. She points out that people tend to forget their exercise routines during stressful situations. To halt such drastic decisions, however, she recommends integrating a new activity. People get easily stimulated when they are presented with new activities. She adds that it is also helpful to request for exercise-related gifts or even opt for holiday celebrations that allow you active participation.  Playing a simple game with the family, for example, can provide you with the opportunity to physically exert yourself.

It helps to maintain your habits, as well. Dr Frates stresses the need to track your routine. A healthy lifestyle cannot be easily attainable without the conscious effort to control what you do. Hence, recording what you eat and drink during every meal is beneficial. Keeping a record of your daily exercise routine is essential, as well. She says that your logbook permits you to measure your efforts and also allows you to approximate the level of indulgence you can appropriate for yourself during the holidays.

Dr Frates also shares that it is crucial to have a proper mindset. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle cannot be done without changing your point of view. A positive outlook in life is essential. Thus, it is best to throw away all the negative thoughts and pursue only the good vibes that typically accompany the holiday celebrations. Spending time with your family and loved ones can provide you with this, as well.

Food, she says, is an integral part of the upcoming celebrations. However, we should not forget that Christmas and New Year are both centered on new beginnings, as well. Hence, focusing on beneficial modifications and resolutions should be looked into. Banishing undesirable habits, addictions, and even people can greatly help shape—and maintain—a healthy lifestyle. Infusing yourself with good thoughts and plans can further contribute, as well. Allow yourself to discover new things, as well. Find loved ones to do outdoor activities with.

Finally, Dr Frates points out that overindulging yourself during this holiday season can still be a possibility. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to your maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Allow yourself to enjoy. The Christmas season is a time of celebration which specifically allows you to relax and be with your loved ones. It is the moment when you get to let your hair down and simply be yourself. She stresses that slipping up on your exercise routine, for instance, shouldn’t be a cause for worry. You can always start again, she adds.

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