Weight Loss Myths

Losing weight is surrounded by lies and misunderstanding, often because we don’t comprehend nutrition. There are many myths revolving around weight loss and figuring out what’s false and true can be difficult. Let’s debunk these myths and figure out the truth behind the most common weight loss myths.

Myth: Juice cleanses are good

If you ask anyone lately about weight loss, they will surely tell you to try a juice cleanse or some trendy detox. Sure these will definitely make you lose weight, but more often than not you gain the weight back almost immediately. You also don’t get all the nutrients you need to stay healthy with these cleanses and detoxes.

Much of the weight lost in these juice cleanses is water weight and once you stop, you pack the weight back on.

These cleanses are beneficial in some ways however, like rebooting your taste buds and changing the foods you crave. These detoxes are great at beating our sugar addictions, which may be causing much of our weight issues.


Myth: Weight is all that matters

Weight loss itself is the problem with getting healthy. Instead of calling it losing weight, we need to focus on getting healthy overall. Losing weight is a small aspect of the whole getting healthy goal. Many times after starting a workout routine people gain weight because muscle weighs more than fat. So when you replace fat with muscle you may be getting in shape but the scale won’t tell you that.   Another problem with only looking at the scale is after a while we often plateau.


Myth: Calories are created equal

All calories are not created equal, especially if total health is your main goal, which it should be.   Eating 2,00 calories of candy is obviously much different than eating a balanced diet of 2,ooo calories.  Calories should be filled with nutrients and not sugary garbage.


Myth: Less Calories Always equals weight loss

This is true to an extent, but if you eat too few calories, your body goes into survival mode. Once this happens, your body feeds off your healthy muscle. So if just losing a number is all you want then cutting calories is your answer. However, if you really want to get healthy then calories are not your only hurdle.


Myth: Cardio is best for weight loss

Cardio is great but after a while your body adapts and becomes accustomed to your cardio exercise. Most cardio is actually low intensity and repetitive, which is why we plateau. High intensity interval training is the best way to lose weight through exercise.


Myth: Fruit is bad because of the sugar

Natural sugar found in fruits is actually good for you and gives you the little boost we need sometimes. Eating these fruits also introduces fiber and vitamins we need, so keep snacking on fruit.


Myth: Breakfast is most important meal of the day

Sure breakfast is important but it isn’t the end all be all that people make it out to be. We should be eating 5-7 small meals each day, so if you miss your first one, it’s not that big of a deal.


Myth: Diet drinks help you lose weight

Anything that says diet on it will most likely be over processed and essentially harmful to your diet. Instead, eat raw, natural foods that are unprocessed.

Eating real food is the only way to get healthy, so ditch those processed foods.


Knowledge is key to getting healthy, so do some due diligence and get healthy properly, good luck friends.