There May Be Gold Hiding In Your Old Disney VHS Tapes

There are collectors everywhere hunting for items that may bring them a dollar or two, and then there are the big scores.  The kind of finds that can pay off college debt or bring you into a new tax bracket, those are the kid of scores treasure hunters do it for.  The key to treasure hunting and collecting is to find items that were so popular, no one would think to collect them.  These items get lost in the everyday hustle and eventually are valuable.  This is exactly the case with old Disney VHS tapes.



For an entire generation of children, Disney movies were our childhood and our babysitters all at the same time.  What kid wasn’t put in front of a TV with a VHS tape of some Disney classic playing to keep us busy while our parents prepared dinner?

When we were watching these movies in the 1980s/90s we never thought that they would one day be valuable.  We were kids and they were our entertainment, it all stopped there, but for some those tapes were an eventual goldmine.



Disney had a strategy, that most of us were not even aware of yet, and it was making certain VHS tapes into collector’s items.  Their strategy was to only release certain movies for small windows of time as special editions.  This created a demand and they limited the supply, simple economics but a brilliant strategy nonetheless.


Let’s hope you can find that box in your attic with all those old Disney VHS tapes, because if you do… some could make you a fortune.  




Not every Disney VHS tape valuable so you need to search for certain special editions and rare prints.  The most expensive Disney VHS tape is a special edition of Beauty and the Beast, selling on eBay for $9,000.  This is not the case for every VHS, so make sure you know what to look for…


If you see certain packaging on the VHS cover, you are on the money.  Look for a black diamond on the cover’s spine that says “The Classics.”  These special edition copies can fetch anywhere between $50-400 on eBay.  That won’t pay your children’s college tuition but it may feed your family and that’s more than it was doing sitting in a dusty old box.



A bigger payday awaits for those people who’s tape says, “A Walt Disney Classic,” on the tape itself and the cover.  Those bad boys are worth thousands of dollars.  


There are also tapes with banned or discontinued artwork, which fetches a nice chunk of change.  The banned cover of The Little Mermaid is worth over $6,000, so look out for this one.


If you don’t have any of these special editions, you can still make money off the tapes are in excellent condition.  A clean tape still in the wrapping can get you a nice payday, so check those boxes.

To get an idea how much stuff is worth, cruise around eBay to see what people are buying.