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His Fiance Forgot Who He Was. But That Didn’t Stop Him

After she forgets who he is, a man has to make his fiance fall in love with him all over again.



This story is sure to give Romeo and Juliet a run for their money.

When Hisashi Nishizawa first met Mai Nakahara in 2006, he knew she was the woman he was going to marry. It’s like they always say; when you know, you know. After two years of dating, they got engaged on their anniversary. All the plans were in place and they couldn’t wait to start their lives together as husband and wife. But 3 months before the wedding, something started to go terribly wrong.

Mai started acting not like herself. Suddenly she was having terrible mood swings. Screaming at Hisashi for no apparent reason and before he could figure out what was going on she would burst into tears. Then, it got worse. She started not recognizing family and friends. Finally, one afternoon, she looked at her fiance and asked him, “Who are you?”

Hisashi knew something had gone terribly wrong with his future bride. He, along with her family, took her to the hospital, but doctors could not figure out what was wrong with Mai. Her condition only got worse. She suffered a cardiac arrest and eventually fell into a coma.

Everyone was devastated. Hisashi didn’t know what he was going to do, but he knew he wasn’t going to leave Mai. He loved her too much and refused to give up hope. Her family, despite being so grateful for his presence throughout all of this, insisted he move on with his life. Mai may never come out of her coma. But Hisashi insisted. He was going to marry Mai.

After five months of questions, doctors finally figured out what was wrong with Mai. She was suffering from limbic encephalitis that had been caused by an ovarian tumor. They removed the tumor but could offer little hope that she would recover. Hisashi didn’t waver. He remained by her side, certain that she would come back to him.

Sure enough, after being in a coma for a year and a half, Mai opened her eyes again. It was the glimmer of hope everyone had been praying for. But, she still didn’t remember anyone. And she probably never would. Hisashi was going to have to make her fall in love with him all over again. Something he was more than happy to do.

He stayed with her, day in and day out, as they slowly rebuilt their relationship. And as they began to fall back in love, Mai’s condition improved and she finally left the hospital three years after she first started asking strangely. And although forever confined to a wheelchair, her miraculous recovery amazed the doctors. But not Hisashi. He knew they still had a wedding to get to.

Hisashi and Mai were married in August of 2014, a full 8 years after he proposed to her. It was an emotional affair as it was something everyone previously thought impossible. But it just goes to show you, nothing’s impossible when it comes to true love.


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The Fur-Parent’s Guide to Caring for Your Dogs During and After a Lockdown



The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed the fundamental ways we live our lives. Gone are the days where we can travel freely, have a night out with friends, or even visit the beach! Nowadays, staying at home is considered a norm, and you are only advised to go out for essential travels.

While the human world has been busy adjusting during the lockdown period – fur parents may have forgotten one important aspect – their pets are adjusting to the lockdown period just as much as humans are. Let’s take a look at how you can help your pets cope during the lockdown period.

Ways to Help Pets Cope During Quarantine

Change Their Routine

With everything happening in your life while you work from home, your pet’s usual routine may be disrupted. Consider your dog’s eating habits, exercise, toilet breaks, playtime, training, rest period, sleep, and even the times you hang out together!

If you feel that you are spending more time working while you are at home and seldom have time to play with your pet, train, or feed them, make sure you have a timetable so your pets can have a normal or routine in their lives. Remember, they are adjusting to the change as much as you are; and like you, they also need to have a structure to be productive and engaged.


Being cooped up at home can lessen the hours of exercise your pets have for each day, resulting in your pets having excess energy levels. Worry not for there are tons of fun stuff that you can play with your pets even inside the house.

Some games would utilize their sense of smell and their brains to find items for you. This can hit two birds with one stone as you are helping train your dogs at the same time, making sure they have their daily workout sessions.


Having more people around the house can negatively affect your pet’s sleep and rest time as the place’s energy stimulates them. Make sure that your pet has its corner where it can relax and sleep. Make the corner more comfortable for them by putting a comfy bed, blankets, and pillows to help them relax even during the day.

Ways to Help Pets Cope after Quarantine

After quarantine restrictions ease up, you will observe that you are spending more time outside, whether for work, errands, or leisure. While being indoors has done wonders in terms of your bond with your pets, they may be used to you and other people in the house.

When you go out for prolonged periods, the distance may come as a shock to your pets. Make sure that they can cope with this change with the following tips:

Gradual Training

If you know that you will be gone for a long time, make sure to train your dog in advance by leaving him in another part of the house first, and then gradually increasing the ‘training’ until they get used to you being out of the house again. Remember, even dogs can get separation anxiety.

Entertain Your Pets

Another way to make sure your dog does not feel bad when you are away is to entertain them! Buy them with a new chew toy or anything that will keep them entertained for a long time so they will not miss you as much when you go out.

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Beauty Secret: Mirror Mirror On The Wall Who Is The Hottest Mom Of Them All



Moms are often associated as tired looking, laid back, home-focused ladies. Most people would think that being a mom means surrendering your beauty and youth and offering it all to your children, but that is not the case for Joleen Diaz. Find out more about her and her secrets below:

What would you do if your mom is hot? Will you post it on social media like Joleen Diaz’s daughter did to their pic at the seashore? Showing off their beautiful tanned skins and barbie-looking facial features, which is something that they should be proud of.

Joleen Diaz, a 43-year-old mom who is a resident from the Bay Area who made Instagram burn in flames earlier this year after her daughter posted a picture of her on social media.

After going viral, the Instagram-dubbed “Hottest Mom in the World” spoke to Fox News about her sudden, surprising fame and — perhaps most importantly — shared the skincare and fitness secrets behind her impressive fresh looks.

“I’ve been taking care of myself from such a young age; I didn’t just start five years ago,” Joleen said.

Hope doesn’t disappear for those who just started taking care of themselves. Joleen, who is excited to inspire people to live a healthy life and make healthy choices, insists that it’s never too late to start your wellness journey.

  • Diet

Joleen Diaz maintains a whole-food-focused diet, asserting that she doesn’t eat red meat or pork and sticks but mostly to fish and eggs. She also keeps a strict fitness regimen, carving out time for workouts five to six days per week. But according to her, her secret is just to keep the routines basic, so you’ll not be too lazy to achieve it.

  • Exercise

She does thirty to forty minutes of cardio and change that up when she wants to, to how she wanted to. After that, it is up to her to add some twenty-minute stretching for her muscles.

  • Skin Care

As for her glowing and youthful skin, the hot mom reveals she “notices change” when she uses an AHA glycine, an exfoliator that can help skin appear smoother, and a retinol serum started using in her 30s.

She noticed the texture of her skin get fresh and kind of plump. Last year, year and a half, she’s been using tretinoin and saw her pores tighten, and her visible fine lines on her face fade.

Though Diaz keeps a pretty fit lifestyle and doesn’t smoke and seldom drinks, she does have at least one guilty pleasure.

She loves sugar and takes too much control of it. Yet, she only looks for sugar as a stress moderator.

Every day, she has to have a piece of cake or cookies or something, but just in like a small portion. She loves sweets. She indulges every day. But more than anything, Diaz says her looks and physique come from consistency.

Consistency from her skincare routine, fitness journey, and things will make everything all right and feel right for her mind and body. As a woman, you need to satisfy yourself with the things you do; if you want to achieve something, you will take action to achieve it, whether it’s necessary or out of this world.

“Most days I’d rather stay home and take a nap, but I get up and go to the gym,” she said.

Joleen believes in consistency to stay fit, hot, and Instagram ready.

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Easy Tricks To Becoming A Morning Person




Mornings. Most of us either hate them and the ones that don’t might as well by psychopaths. But there’s no way around them. Eventually, we just have to get up and get ready for work! So if you’re looking for a little help getting up in the morning, try these seven simple tricks!


I know… easier said than done. But there are a lot of things you probably do before you go to bed that you could easily cut out. Scrolling social media on your laptop or smartphone is at the top of that list! Seriously. It can wait. Just put that phone down and read a book to help you fall asleep earlier! It will make waking up a lot easier.


I know, I know! This one can be really tough too. Especially when it comes to the weekends. The only thing most of us want to do on a Saturday morning is keep sleeping. But completely abandoning your sleep schedule, even on just the weekend, can really affect your daily energy level during the week. Keeping your body on a schedule like that will keep it working at peak performance day to day. 


This is a little tricky because, obviously, breakfast comes after waking up. But in terms of just generally starting your day and feeling energized throughout, starting off with a healthy breakfast can be huge. Heavy breakfasts led to fatigue and a lot of it. And for those of that usually just grab a cup of coffee and call that a breakfast… you ever wonder why you’re so grumpy all day?!


These days it’s hard to do anything other than scroll through our streaming apps for however many hours before we climb into bed. But watching TV and surfing the web can be detrimental to your sleep and your daily energy level. Specifically, the light from the screens can sometimes trick your brain into thinking it’s daytime and therefore won’t want to fall asleep.

So keep the lights low and try to find something more relaxing and soothing to do before bed (reading, a bath, listening to music, etc).


It doesn’t have to be a lot, but getting a little workout in before you head off to work is a great way to stay energized throughout the day. The energizing of your body is obvious and you’ll definitely feel it. But there’s the added mental bonus of feeling like you’re already accomplished something and are leading a healthier life that will help you make it through the day.


Give yourself little treats or rewards for getting up early. Maybe save a chapter of that book you’re enjoying. Or the newest episode of your favorite show. If you have something to look forward to in the morning it will be a lot easier to wake up early!

And it’s that simple. All of these things are technically easy and I know you can pull them off! So if you’re feeling groggy day after day and want to become one of those unbearable morning people, give these tricks a shot!

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