Stopping Yourself From Eating Out of Control

Eating is how we survive, but oftentimes we eat just to eat. How can we stop ourselves from eating out of control and maintain our diets? Weight gain and poor nutrition go hand in hand, it’s hard to keep the pounds at bay when we eat like animals.

How many times have you sat in front of the TV, tired and bored, so you eat?

How often do you over serve yourself but decide you don’t want the food to go to waste, so you eat it all?

Who hasn’t eaten so fast that they feel sick afterwards?

When was the last time you had seconds, when you definitely didn’t need any more food?

Why do we graze on leftovers after you eat dinner?

There aren’t definitive answers to these questions but there are ways to stop these insane habits.

Let’s break the chains of these poor eating routines and try these interesting techniques to breaking behavior.


Plate Your Food

Before you sit down to watch TV, don’t just grab a bag of chips. Instead, portion out how many chips you wish to eat and remember to be mindful of calories.   Stop just mindlessly eating snacks while you watch TV, as an alternative, carefully fraction up the munchies and eat without a conscious. Make sure the sizes aren’t too big and you have a nice mix of healthy options.


No endless circumstances

Stop eating at all you can eat places, period. That’s not the kind of options you want, since you can’t control yourself around food. Not to worry, you are not alone; most people overeat when there are no limits. Steer clear of bottomless situations, like French fries or pasta bowls.


Small Plates

This is a great technique for anyone trying to cut calories and lose some weight. I did this in my quest to lose a 100 pounds and it’s worked out wonderfully.

Simply use smaller plates and bowls to confuse your mind into thinking its getting more food. I’ve learned that tricking the mind and body are great ways to lose weight. If you fill a small plate with food and you put the same amount of food on a bigger plate, it’s going to look like the smaller plate has more food.

Trick yourself into feeling full faster and you will be on your way to weight loss.


20% rule

The mindless margin is the amount of food most people will eat without thinking after they are already full. It goes back to the idea that if you have food on your plate, you should eat it all. We were taught to clean our plates when we were kids, which may have worked to get us to eat our veggies, but not for losing weight.

Take 20% of the food that you would of put on you plate and keep it off. By cutting your caloric intake by 20%, you will lose tons of weight easily.


Slow Down

Eating slowly makes your body feel full faster and therefore you will eat less food. Eating slower is a pretty simple technique but something that most of us don’t do. Take your time and savor every bite, enjoy your meal and try to have a conversation while eating. You should also employ a no-phones at the table rule, so you are forced to talk and slowly eat your food.


Hopefully these tips keep you from overeating and help you lose weight fast.


Photos courtesy of Crossfit Southbay, must have mom, popsugar, Greatest, Gracious, Eat Small