Stop Allergies by Cleaning these 10 Items

Allergy season is here and your nose is running, head is stuffy and you are miserable, what can you do? Other than move to the North Pole you will have to actually deal with what ails you. It’s crazy to think that tiny little allergies can cause you so much agony, but it’s true.

Allergens will follow you wherever you go and will imbed themselves in everything you come in contact with. So before you clean everything you own, start with the biggest offenders. These 10 items usually have the most allergens on them and are the things keeping your allergy symptoms around.



Sleeping eight hours a day make your bed a hot bed for dust mites, the biggest allergen in homes. You can protect against this dust mite issue by getting sheets and pillowcases that are “mite-proof.” Keeping mites out of your pillow will help with your sneezing for sure. Was your sheets once a week you filthy animals.  Washing your sheets will make your allergies much more livable.



Fans are making your allergies worse.  Cheaper than A/C for sure but your house fan is better at sending allergens throughout your home. You may save money on your power bill but you will be spreading pollen, ragweed and mold into your home. If you are having issues, close the windows and turn on the A/C, you’ll thank me.


Stuffed Animals

Your favorite stuffed animal is actually covered in dust mites eating your dead skin. Sounds pretty awesome don’t it, maybe you will think twice about snuggling up with them.   If your teddy is too important to toss in the trash, just make sure you wash it weekly in hot water, and the dust mites should be killed.



Dust mites live in humidity and thrive in wetter environments, so dehumidifiers are terrible for allergens. Put this beast in the closet during allergy season and you’ll be happier.



Houseplants are breeding grounds for mold, because we often over water them. Clearing out houseplants can help with your allergies. Try plants that use less water like orchids, or switch out the soil for an allergy free potting solution.



Your childhood blankie or just a comfy throw blanket, either way, you should be washing them weekly. Dust mites love these plush fabrics and live in there in the millions.



Your super soft couch is a allergy hot zone, full of dust mites that have made a home. Couches are much harder to clean so maybe opt for a leather one. Leather couches are much more hypoallergenic.



Clean up and your dust mite problem will decrease. Sounds pretty simple but most of us just let clutter build up until we are living in a dust mite hotel.



Does your vacuum have a HEPA filter? If not, you need to reinvest in a quality vacuum. HEPA filters trap allergens and don’t allow them to reenter the air once they’ve been sucked up.



Carpets are dust mite and allergen filled. Everything you walk around on all day gets tracked into your home, from pollen to ragweed, carpets are bad deals. If you can, get rid of your carpet, if you can’t try and vacuum daily. I know that sound like a lot but would you rather vacuum daily or live in an allergy hell?