Fatty Foods that Will Help You Lose Weight

The common mistake in weight loss is that people focus too much on the short term instead of focusing on a long term strategy that will keep the weight off. Everyone looks at calories when trying to lose weight and that’s not the end-all-be-all. Counting calories is good for short term but long term it’s not the best strategy.  Avoiding fatty foods isn’t the best weight loss strategy.  The best way to lose weight is to not focus on actually losing weight, instead try and find a balance between diet and weight maintenance. Anyone can lose 50 pounds, but can they keep it off with a healthy diet?

In a 2015 Harvard study, it was determined that lower fat diets didn’t make people lose any more weight than higher fat diets like the Mediterranean diet. Fats are not our enemy in dieting; instead, healthy fats can be extremely beneficial. Try incorporating these healthy fats into your diet and you will be happier and thinner.



Avocados used to be the unwelcome friend at the party because of their high fat content, but now we know that monounsaturated fat in avocados is the good stuff.  This fatty food is the perfect ingredient for any healthy diet.Avocados aren’t just full of good fats; they also contain the antioxidant lutein.

Avocados are great for diets because they keep you feeling full for hours after you eat them and isn’t that the biggest issue with diets? Feeling full on diets is rare and should be applauded when you find a healthy food that makes you feel that full.


Olive Oil

Olive Oil is the main fat used in the widely popular and uber-successful Mediterranean Diet. Eating healthy fats like olive oil are great for diets and help the dieter feel more normal. Diets are hard enough and the Mediterranean diet helps with normalizing your food. Make sure your olive oil is pure as many brands dilute their olive oil with other, less healthy oils.



Eggs are awesome diet staples and they contain great protein and healthy fats. Stop throwing out that delicious and nutritious yolk. The yolk contains tons of vitamin D and isn’t actually that bad for you. Eggs give you a great boost to power you through lunch and are so easy to make. Diets fail often because they are difficult to prepare food for, but foods like eggs are easy.  eggs are a perfect fatty food to add to your daily diet.



Don’t just eat nuts for the heart health, they can also help you lose weight over the long haul. Use nuts to replace all the unhealthy snacks that make you gain weight. They are the perfect travel snack as they can be put literally anywhere and are incredibly nutritious.


Sardines and Salmon

These two types of fish should be staples of your healthy diet. Sardines are the perfect fish to add savory flavor without that fishy aftertaste. Get al the omega-3 fatty acids your body needs with these two fish. Salmon is great for many reasons, but my favorite is they are almost impossible to overcook. Any home cook can make some incredible salmon that will knock your socks off.  Get those good fatty acids into your system with some tasty fish.


Don’t be afraid of healthy fats, they will help your diet work over the long haul, which is what’s really important. Sure losing weight fast is great, but keeping it off is better.