Diet Hurdles Keeping you from Achieving Your Fitness Goals

If someone tells you that weight loss is easy, DO NOT TRUST THIS PERSON, they are obviously lying to you. Weight loss is very difficult because it takes the perfect storm of diet and exercise. You can diet perfectly but if you aren’t burning enough calories, you won’t meet your fitness goals.  

Everyone has problems maintaining a diet, often because they are too restrictive and almost impossible to follow. It’s important that you find a diet that you personally can follow, to many of us are on the wrong diets.   Let’s examine the top reasons people have problems sticking to a diet and ways they can resolve these issues.


No Time To Cook

I’ve heard this excuse a thousand times from myself and I’m still not buying it. For a diet to succeed, you must do the dirty work and prep your food in advance. Our lives are way too busy to not prep our meals in advance and maintain our diets. Healthy food is almost impossible to find quick, unless you just eat raw fruit and veggies.  

If you don’t prep your meals in advance, the chances of you breaking your diet are extremely high. Eating healthy takes time and preparation, so you have to do this.

We all know how easy it is to order dinner or stop by a drive thru and pick up a quick dinner. These conveniences are never healthy and almost always happen because our lives are so hectic.

I try and do all my weeks meal prep on Sunday nights. It’s actually easy to plan your week’s meals, cook and prep all the food instead of figuring out what to eat each night. Taking the guesswork out of your dinner each night is also a huge stress reliever.


Healthy Food tastes Bad

You may not like the taste of healthy foods because your body is most likely trained to crave sugars and fats. Out unhealthy eating habits become normal for our bodies so that what we crave. Instead we must break these unhealthy cycles and slowly force our bodies to crave the right type of foods.

I like to do a 3-day juice cleanse every few months to retrain my body to like the right kind of foods. Reducing the sugar and fat quantities in your diet will make healthy food taste better and soon you will crave raisin instead of sugar and nuts instead of trans fats.



Always Hungry

If your diet is too restrictive it will be almost impossible to stick to. Having a diet that encompasses a variety of foods will be easier to follow and you will be more successful in your weight loss. If you are starving yourself, you are dieting wrong.

A proper diet shouldn’t make you feel hungry because with proper nutrition, your body won’t crave anything. So find a diet that is easy to follow and you will be on the right road to your fitness goal.


Healthy Food Costs too Much

Sure, some healthy food is very expensive, so you have to pick and choose which luxuries you buy. If you can’t afford all organic produce, it’s ok, spread it out and buy a select few. You can find plenty of great, health foods for cheap. The 99-cent store is actually a great place for produce, or check other discount supermarkets. Good produce doesn’t have to be pretty, just healthy. Don’t shy away form bruised or disfigured fruits and veggies, ugly is always cheaper.


Avoid these literal hurdles when you are trying to diet to have the most success possible. Best of luck losing weight and getting healthy, it’s not an easy process, but worth it all in the end.


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