Couple Loses 600 Pounds Together Before Wedding

A weight loss journey is just that a journey that is long and hard. This amazing story tells the tale of a couple that met during their separate weight loss journey and how their love motivated each other. Ronnie Bower was a 28-year-old man who weighed 675 pounds, couldn’t leave his home and was headed towards and early death.   Andrea Masella was a 22-year-old weighing 250 pounds and on her own weight loss adventure. After a few years of hard work the couple lost a whopping 600 pounds and recently celebrated their wedding. Here is their incredible story.


Ronnie was addicted to pain pills, alcohol and food and his life was spiraling down fast. After years of drug abuse and intense overeating, where he would regularly eat 10 cheeseburgers and 2 large pizzas in one sitting, he was near death. Fear is an incredible motivator and the main reason people decide to change their ways. Fear of death and fear of missing out on the most important parts of life is some serious motivation.


Bower met a local Syracuse personal trainer who agreed to help him out. The biggest issue was Ronnie Bower was too big to even leave his house, so they dup had to think of a solution. Nick Murphy took on the huge challenge and personally went to Ronnie’s home everyday.


What’s wonderful is how hard Bower worked over the first 100 days, so hard in fact that he lost 100 pounds. This was only the beginning, now he was small enough to actually leave his home and drive to the gym.

Ronnie was clean and sober for the 100 days and he was headed in the right direction. He was working day and night to get healthy and save his own life.


Ronnie continued his life changing regimen of eating healthy, consuming less than 1,500 calories per day and working out twice a day. He was losing weight at an incredible pace and after 23 months he had lost an astonishing 325 pounds, but he wasn’t finished yet. His life was just about to begin, because this is when he met the love of his life, Andrea.

Andrea was on her own weight loss journey when she met Ronnie at their gym, and sparks flew. The two were almost immediately inseparable and their relationship grew quickly. She was inspired by his life-changing story and his infectious personality.

She was overweight as well and was trying to find her own motivation. Andrea had a bad experience on a family vacation to the beach and decided to change her life.


As their relationship blossomed they forged forward in their weight loss journey and have lost a combined 578 pounds. He lost a total of 458 pounds while she dropped 120.


In a fairy tale ending the two were married in a lovely ceremony with family and friends in Syracuse, NY. His best man was none other than his best friend and personal trainer Nick Murphy.


The pictures don’t do it justice but this couple’s transformation is so uplifting and should be motivation to anyone trying to change their life for the better.


Congrats Ronnie and Andrea, not just on the wedding, but on your newfound health and new outlook on life. Your story has motivated thousands and you should be very proud of yourselves.