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Organize Your Home, Improve Your Life

We simply can’t stress enough how important keeping your home organized and free of clutter is. A messy home affects your daily mood by creating stress, anxiety, and just generally making you much less comfortable than you could be while at home. And it’s really not that hard to organize your home!



Take my word for it, I used to be as lazy as they get when it comes to keeping my home clean and organized. But I finally decided to make a change and I can’t even properly express how big of a difference it’s made. I’m actually happy when I walk through the door and see my beautiful home! I’m telling you it will only improve your life. So grab some of these cheap and simple products to start living a happier and more organized life!


Wow. This thing is a total game changer! How often do we end up just permanently keeping something on the counter? A bag of chips. The ketchup. The paper towels. Anything! Having all that random stuff taking up counter space just makes the whole house feel messy and cramped. That’s where this sneaky little shelving unit comes in!

They’re just skinny enough to fit into whatever weird, extra space you have in your kitchen, but still wide enough to hold whatever you may want to put in there. And they’re on wheels, too! So you can easily slide them in and out of view. I really love this product.


Oh my gosh… how do refrigerators get so disgusting?! Why is so easy to just forget stuff in there for months?! Refrigerators can get absolutely disgusting. But it’s mostly because they’re so poorly organized! And we can’t blame you, it’s not easy to keep everything neat and tidy in there when you’re constantly adding new stuff of all different shapes and sizes.

That’s why these simple organizer bins can make all the difference in the world. You can make your own fun categories of what goes in each and you can slide them in and out easily to see what may be hidden in the back. Not only do they create more space, but they make it so much easier to only keep fresh stuff in your fridge.


I think we’ve all seen these at one time or another. People typically use them for cereal. But folks, I’m here to tell ya, you can use them for anything! Not only does it keep your food fresher longer, it makes storing them so much easier! No more crazy piles of half-eaten bags of chips and pretzels all stacked on top of each just waiting to all spill out the next time the cupboard is opened. And no more loud, crinkly bags! I’ve got to get me some of these.


This is one of those oh-my-god-it’s-so-simple-but-so-genius products. I know all my pans are just strewn about in their own cupboard all willy nilly. It’s a mess down there. Every time I open it I’m worried they’re all going to fall out making a bunch of noise. But with this handle little rack, you can keep your pans organized and ready to go.


Is there any place more difficult to keep organized than the bathroom?! I think not. That’s why I love these over-the-toilet organizers. They immediately create storage space that didn’t exist in the bathroom before you got it. The days of shoving everything in the cupboard under the sink are over! Hallelujah.


Shoes always make maintaining a clean room harder. Sure there are other products out there to help hide and organize your shoes. But they often involved having your shoes out in the open or dangling from the back of your door making all kinds of racket every time you open it. That’s why we love this set of organizers!

They keep your shoes tucked away, safe from all that dust, while still keeping them visible so you know which shoes are in which container!

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Fun and Excitement: How to Plan a Party for All Your Friends This Spring




With everything going on in the world, it’s tough to plan a party that’s fun but still safe for your family and guests. To help you out, we’ll teach you how to plan a party like a pro.

From how to choose your theme to COVID-friendly party planning tips, we’ve rounded up everything you need to throw the ultimate spring bash. Whether it’s a birthday party, a shower, a graduation party, or just a small outdoor BBQ, think of this as your go-to party planning guide.

1. Choose Your Location

Planning a party starts with choosing your location. Due to the pandemic, many people are choosing to keep gatherings small, outdoors, or virtual. No matter how you choose to celebrate, get more information here about adorable cocktail kits to try at home.

You can keep it intimate with a small group at home or even send a cocktail kit to friends to enjoy individually at a Zoom party. Outdoor BBQs, small cocktail parties, and virtual events also keep costs down.

2. Pick Your Party Theme

Next up, you’ll want to choose your party theme. Consider why you’re hosting the event. If you’re throwing the party for someone else, go with what they love.

Showers, birthdays, graduation parties, and retirement parties should all celebrate the guest of honor. Consider a specialty drink or themed cocktail kit with their favorite beverage. Even a small gathering at home can include unique and personalized theme details.

3. Set Your Budget

When you’re planning a party, a budget will help you stay on track. Write out what you’d like to spend on food, drinks, and décor. It’s easier to stick to a budget when you have it in writing.

4. Decide on a Menu

The menu at a party is arguably the most important part. In addition to a signature drink or cute cocktail kit, make sure to have plenty of food and snacks on hand. Consider who you’re inviting and make sure to have their favorite foods and desserts.

Finger foods and heavy appetizers are great options if guests will have masks on. You can easily pull down your mask to take a bite. This is also a fun way to have a wide array of food.

5. Select Your Date and Send Those Invites

Once you have the basics covered, it’s time to invite your guests. Choose paper or electronic invitations in your theme of choice. Going digital is a great way to save on printing and mailing.

A paper invitation adds a special touch, however. With a small group, paper invites can feel elevated and custom without breaking the bank.

How to Plan a Party 101

Knowing how to plan a party starts with the details. Your drinks, menu, and theme are a great way to make your gathering feel special. From the invites to the decorations, go with unique details that will make your guests feel welcome.

Whether your gathering is virtual or in-person, you can still throw an amazing party from the comfort of your home. For more great hosting and party tips, check out the lifestyle section.

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Best Charities To Donate to To Help Animals



A lot of people want to donate to charities that help take animals away from situations that hurt them. If you’re not sure which charity to donate to, Animal Charity Evaluators has your back. 

ACE is a California-based nonprofit company that releases annual lists of top recommended animal charity foundations, and they offered assistance by funding some of Future Perfect’s work for 2020.

Most of the charities featured in the list are focused on strategies that can get around factory farming by enforcing the transition to plant-based diets, or at the very least, by improving the conditions in factory farms. 

Focusing on factory farms makes the most sense because this is usually the site of suffering on a large scale. Unfortunately, death is not the only unpleasant process that happens on these farms, but a lot of the animals suffer a lot before they are killed. 

In these farms you’ll notice that pigs, calves, and hens are put into extremely small spaces where they have little to no wiggle room, and that the things they undergo are so horrific that there are ag-gag laws which are used to hide the details of the cruelty from the masses. 

ACE looks and promotes the most effective way to help animals, and have three main criteria when it comes to choosing and recommending certain organizations:

  • Charities must be able to produce greatest gains for animals
  • Charities should evaluate and improve their programs actively
  • Charities must present a demonstrated need for funding

With these three evaluating criteria in mind, ACE chose these organizations that you can donate to.

Wild Animal Initiative

This is a new entry compared to the other charities listed, and the goal of this charity is to research and advocate ways to assist free-range animals.

The Humane League

This charity runs campaigns that urge corporations to adhere to higher animal welfare rules, and also promotes grassroots legislative advocates.

The Good Food Institute

This charity focuses on the development of plant-based substitutes to meat, eggs, and dairy. They believe that developing plant-based options is an effective way to weaken animal agriculture.

Albert Schweitzer Foundation

This charity group has outreached corporations to promote the use of humanely raised products and they also offer legal services. They are also one of the first animal charity groups that prioritized corporate outreach for farmed fish.

If you are looking for the best animal charity group to donate to, you should check out ACE’s list so that you can look into the different charities and their advocacies and determine whether your values align with theirs.

Being able to donate to charities that help prevent animal suffering, and while it may not be you going to these farms to stop the horrors, supporting charities is an easy way to help. 

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How to Celebrate the Holidays Without Spreading COVID-19



The holidays have always been busy and challenging for most people, considering the winter weather, coast to coast travels for family visits, and the preparations that go into each celebration. This year, it just became more of a risk to follow through with our yearly traditions because of the ongoing COVID-19 surge. Since December 7, cases sprung to over 200,000 a day and we are far from seeing a decline in the curve.

Although it has been nine months into the pandemic, it is still a challenge for most of us to determine ways on how to get around holiday celebrations while ensuring the safety of our families and friends. 

Experts are still studying the potential correlation between the most recent Thanksgiving to the rise in coronavirus cases. Nonetheless, the fact remains that social gatherings with people whom you don’t live with are going to entail risks caused by the virus. Just because you know them personally doesn’t mean that the risk of catching or spreading the virus diminishes. That said, let us all take it upon ourselves to be responsible enough in celebrating this festive season.

While it might be tempting to take that dinner invitation to be around people you haven’t seen in months, take into consideration that COVID-19 spreads quicker than the surfacing of symptoms. Anyone may look and feel perfectly fine while attending that party, only to inadvertently be spreading the virus to everyone around them. 

Take a quick trip out of town

This year’s holidays may be a call for us to get creative in finding much safer activities to celebrate. Rather than the usual parties and group gatherings, you may want to opt for a hike, a trip to a private beach, or a simple picnic in an open area without much crowds. It will give you a much-needed change in scenery and an expanse of space away from the holiday rush.

If you are looking into traveling, the safest and most recommended means is by land, using your own vehicle. As much as possible, avoid the thick crowd of strangers in airports and public transports that make it difficult to maintain physical distancing.

Make new traditions with your kids

Kids love to play outdoors regardless of the season, but somehow, they get more excited during winter. However, it’s important to note that the cold temperature makes the virus survive longer and increases the risk of transmission. Pediatricians recommend that children stay indoors or within the vicinity of their private properties over the holidays.

This may mean a little more screen time including virtual gatherings with the rest of your family and friends. Parents can also get creative with their little ones such as involving them in baking or doing crafts to decorate their tree. Despite the circumstances, this could be a great opportunity to create new family traditions that your kids will look forward to every holiday season.

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