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Best Assassins to Climb in League of Legends



League of Legends has a wide cast of champions that are categorized into classes, but the unique abilities and mechanics of each one reveals a lot of diversity within these classes. Assassins are one such class which can be found in multiple roles, so whether you’re a mid laner looking to take over games or a jungler that wants to figure out the most threatening ganks, you’ll hopefully be able to gain something from our list.

Today, we’ll be going over some of the most consistently impactful, as well as some of the easiest assassins to pick up so that you can get to reaping in that LP.


Talon’s at the top of this list for two major reasons: 1. He’s relatively one of the easiest to learn to play, meaning that you can pick him up faster than more mechanically demanding assassins (which they tend to be), and 2. He can be easily played in both mid and jungle. This is especially helpful if you are someone that likes to queue up with jungle as your secondary role, since you’ll still have the chance to play him if you get jungle instead of mid (or vice versa).

Talon’s main benefits as an assassin are that his E, Assassin’s Path, allows him to traverse over entire pieces of terrain on the map. To Talon, anywhere on the map can be accessible in less than 30 seconds, which can be extremely helpful to sneaking around into areas where the enemy team doesn’t expect you to be.

Talon’s combo is, as we hinted at, really simple and effective, and he has some of the highest level 2 damage of any assassin, meaning that there’s really no point at which you don’t have the potential to start fulfilling your purpose as a killing machine. Stats seem to back this up, revealing that Talons are the most likely to get First Blood out of any other champion in the game if they’re on a team.


Qiyana shares a lot of similarities with Talon, but there are some new potential pros and cons to consider. Her passive grants movespeed around particular pieces of terrain/zones of the map (near walls, in the river, or in bushes) depending on which element she draws from, and this clearly helps her accomplish the same thing as Talon: moving around the map deceptively fast.

Qiyana’s main damaging ability is her Q, which can be trickier to land for players that haven’t put too many games in on her. This essentially means that she will take a little more time to pick up and get the hang of, but her burst potential can be the highest out of most assassins, so you can consider it a reward for putting in time to learn her.

Qiyana also offers another benefit of having the potential to combo multiple champions at once with her ultimate, Supreme Display of Talent. While most assassins can be quite limited to only  bursting a single target, Qiyana’s ultimate and Q are AOE abilities, further increasing your potential to succeed if you master her. Qiyana does cost a lot though, so buying a league account with her could be a good idea.


Since her recent changes in patch 12.3, Ahri has had a sort of renaissance to become a premier pick in both solo queue and even occasionally in competitive play. She isn’t a traditional assassin like Qiyana or Talon, but this goes to show the diversity of the assassin class.

The biggest change to her in the recent patch that increased her strength is found on her ultimate, Spirit Rush. Previously, Ahri could activate it to dash up to three times, each time doing damage to nearby enemies. However, she now has the ability to gain more dashes, so long as she gets takedowns on enemies within 3 seconds of dealing damage to them herself. This means she could potentially dash up to 5 more times!

In combination with this, her contribution to these takedowns also heal her based on her passive, which greatly increases the ability for you to skirmish effectively without ever being caught.

For this reason, many consider her to be a good pick-mage/assassin. She can catch someone off guard and hunt them down with all of her dashes, leaving no room for escape. On top of this, a good Ahri can also weave in and out of fights to charm and finish off opponents, meaning she enjoys teamfights more than the average assassin. Consider picking her up if you find this playstyle intriguing.

What champion are you thinking of learning? Let us know in the comments!

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Remember To Avoid These 5 Technology Mistakes




Remember To Avoid These 5 Technology Mistakes

Technology usually helps us in our personal and professional lives, but there are many blunders we can make with technology that can get us into hot water.

Unencrypted Email

You don’t need to run a software development company to avoid this mistake. Even with so many cyberattacks occurring every day, some organizations still have unencrypted emails. Some companies don’t want to worry about encrypting their email because it can be expensive and complicated, but others think the risk is small.

You should always assume that any email you send can be seen by someone who wants to do your organization harm. If your emails aren’t encrypted, any email you send can be read and misused by a nefarious actor.

One of the simplest ways to encrypt your email is to use Gmail or Microsoft Outlook. There also are other free or low-cost solutions your organization can use to ensure every email is secure and encrypted.

Insufficient Employee Training

The best software technology in the world isn’t helpful if employees don’t know how to use it. You can usually figure out where you need to brush up on employee training by asking workers about the features they use in the most common software, such as Word, Excel, and Windows.

Every employee should be trained on how to use the most common software programs. They should receive training when they are hired and have a brush up every six months or a year to keep their skills sharp. Remember that software evolves over the years and you need to have ongoing training for everyone so they know how to use it to their advantage.

Neglecting Hardware

Many organizations often update their software but forget to replace those old laptops and other hardware that have been in the office for a decade. Remember, the coolest and most feature-laden software isn’t helpful if your machines are too outdated to run it.

That’s why it’s critical to have updated hardware in your organization. And while having the most updated software is important, you can probably do just find with last year’s version. What you don’t want to do if have to upgrade hardware every time there is a significant upgrade to the software you run every day.

Letting Employers Bring Their Own Devices Without Restrictions

Many smaller companies let their workers do their daily job tasks on their personal devices, such as smartphones and laptops. This is understandable because small employers can avoid paying for new hardware for every worker. Also, workers have been found to take better of hardware when it’s theirs and doesn’t belong to the company.

The problem comes in when people bring their own devices to work and there aren’t any security policies. As more BYOD strategies are commonplace, there has been an uptick of cybercrimes across the world.

So, you should have a mobile device management program to ensure that every device on your company network is secure. Also, have regular cybersecurity training for employees to ensure the chances of data breaches are minimized.

Bad Security

Many organizations, especially small ones, might be tempted to think that no hacker will bother with their little company. Cybercriminals know that small organizations don’t spend as much time and money on security for their systems. Some small employers don’t have any cybersecurity at all, and that leaves them vulnerable to serious data risks.

At the very least, your company should have solid anti-virus software on every network-connected computer and mobile device. You also should have a robust firewall and malware protection to avoid the latest nasty computer viruses.

Remember these common tech mistakes and better protect your organization.

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5 Ideas For Turning Your Home Into a Luxury Escape




5 Ideas For Turning Your Home Into a Luxury Escape

The impacts of the lockdowns due to the pandemic have left people feeling nervous, fatigued, and restless. Staying in your home for long periods of time is against human nature.

It’s normal to feel bored, staring at the four walls in your home every day. And while it’s impossible to bring all the elements of a luxury escape into your home, you can create a sense of relaxation and sanctuary.

Here are some ways to give your home the feeling of a luxury resort.


To transform your home into a lavish place, you will first need to declutter. And while some people find decluttering difficult, it doesn’t have to be. Start by reorganizing your furniture, arranging your decorations, and getting rid of things that you no longer use.

Additionally, make sure that there is no clutter in the entryway. Remove all the tables, consoles, and desks that might be blocking the way. To keep things organized, consider getting multipurpose storage. Remember to also keep the things that make you joyful and declutter each day to keep your home clean and organized. Besides, decluttering is good for your mental health.

Cultivate relaxation

Luxury resorts have warm and comforting textures and scents. You will need to keep that in mind if you want to create a cozy home for yourself. Fortunately, you won’t have to go far to get what you need – almost everything is within your reach.

Remember that this is dependent on yourself, so, try to deliberate on the feelings that make you relax. Light candles or build a fire pit in your backyard or add an indoor fireplace. You can use this fireplace buyer’s guide to determine the right one for your home.

Build a fountain

When thinking of a fountain, most people picture it outside a business or a luxurious hotel. However, you can build one in your backyard. You too can achieve that bubbling sound with a few stones, a pump, and water.

It is easier to build a fountain and create the needed sound level. Besides, having a fountain can help you get rid of unwanted noise and attract wildlife; all of which play a significant role in creating a relaxing place.

Additionally, the space in your yard will greatly affect the size, style, shape, and color of the fountain. However, regardless of the type of fountain, remember that it will need maintenance to keep it in perfect condition.

Add colorful plants

Almost everyone likes visiting new places for a change of scenery, but why shouldn’t that be the case every day? Why not add some pop of color and fragrance to your backyard? You can easily create the feeling of a fresh place by planting foliage that you don’t have in your garden. However, remember to choose plants that are native to your location.

Dine outside

The pleasant views and aesthetics of most retreat spots make eating outside amazing. However, that feeling is not limited to hotels and restaurants. Get the right spot on your patio and set a dining area and transform your eating experience. Remember that the furniture you pick must be durable to withstand any weather conditions.

Summing Up

Just because you love being at home doesn’t mean that you should spend the entire day gazing at your four walls. Plus, you don’t have to go to a luxury hotel to experience the feeling of relaxation and tranquility. You can bring them all into your home with the above simple ideas.

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2021 Will Be a Year of Vaccines, Says a Feng Shui Expert



The coming year will be the Year of the Metal Ox, according to the Chinese calendar. Consequently, experts speculate that 2021 will be a year filled with massive inoculation as the world comes head-to-head against the dreaded novel coronavirus that has already claimed more than a million lives. COVID-19 vaccines will be provided for many, finally allowing people to reclaim a semblance of pre-COVID-19 life.

“It’s a ‘metal’ year, so it’s a year of vaccination because of the metal element. The metal aspect is the needle (used in syringes to administer the vaccine),” explains Marites Allen, a feng shui guru who is popularly called the “Queen of Feng Shui,” in a recent virtual meeting with various writers hailing from different countries. Allen conducted the said meet-up from London where she and her family are currently based. During the digital gathering, she provided the participants with several predictions for the coming year.

In line with Allen’s forecast, the United Kingdom and the United States have already launched their vaccination campaigns. Other countries are following suit as many of them are also slowly rolling out COVID-19 vaccines among their citizens.  

As regards the economy, Allen predicts that investors will turn to technology-based businesses. “Those that have something to do with earth, such as real estate, may also expect a good year,” she shares.

Nevertheless, she mentions that not everyone will be going all-out in terms of investments and other life-changing decisions. This will be due to the fact that 2021 will lack the element of Fire, a major factor that provides optimism to all.

“Some have doubts in their hearts and minds. Trust will not be there in full swing,” Allen adds as she reiterates the need to save up and only spend money on things that are absolutely necessary.

Aside from finances and COVID-19 vaccines, she also mentions several Chinese zodiac signs that will be lucky next year. People who were born in the years of the tiger, ox, rooster, horse, and rabbit may experience a better year ahead, Allen says. Those, however, who were born during the years of the dog, rat, sheep, boar, snake, and dragon must be prepared to face the different challenges that will arrive.

Nevertheless, Allen points out that she, like other feng shui practitioners, does not do fortune telling. “We are just offering them guides on what the general atmosphere may bring,” she shares. She is scheduled to provide a more in-depth look into the different things that 2021 may bring.

Allen mentions that she is trying to embrace the challenges of the New Normal, adjusting to the demands of the new way of life. She claims that it is important for people to do so, as well. Despite the hopeful promise of COVID-19 vaccines next year, she reminds others to continue being careful so as to prevent the still rapid spread of the deadly disease. Furthermore, those who may want to read more about her predictions can find her via her different social media handles.

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