Avoid These Bad Habits That Hurt Your Eyes

You only have two eyes and you never get any more. So why not take care of them? If you don’t wear glasses then you would be smart to try and keep it that way. If you do wear glasses, then taking care of your eyes can at the very least maintain them at the level they are today or you might even be able to improve your vision. We’ve compiled a list of mistakes people make every day that are injuring their eyes and leading to the deterioration of their vision so you can take better care of your peepers.


Sleep With Contacts On

I know, it’s such a pain to take your contacts out every night before going to sleep and then putting them back in every morning. But your optometrist isn’t suggesting you do that just to be annoying, sleeping in your contacts can have real negative effects on your eyes. Contacts can actually block oxygen from reaching your corneas which can lead to an eye infection or a corneal ulcer. If you’re just laying down for a short nap then it’s okay to keep the contacts in, but anything longer than that is really detrimental to your eyes.

Don’t Get Eye Exams

You need to get your eyes checked once a year. If you don’t then you could be living with some eye problems that you’re totally ignorant to. For instance, optometrists are great at spotting broken blood vessels or tumors which are things that are very hard for the average joe to find on themselves. A great way to keep your eyes healthy is to make sure they’re staying healthy and the best way to do that is to get your eyes checked annually.



Putting Eyeliner On Your Waterline

When you slap some eyeliner on and it gets inside your lower eyelash it can mix with your tears which mean the eyeliner can coat your contact lenses or even worse get some nasty bacteria into your eyeballs. Make sure your eyeliner stays where it should, on the outside of your eye so that your eyes don’t get all infected and your contacts stay clean and clear.



Sleeping In Your Makeup

If you don’t take off your eye makeup before you go to bed then you risk clogging up the glands around your eyes. Clogging the glands around your eyes is a great way to get pimples around your eyes which are just plain gross and uncomfortable. Clean your face before bed every night so that you don’t have to deal with the nightmare that is eye pimples.


Check The Expiration Date

When you’re using cleaning solutions be sure to check if they’re expired. If you are using expired cleaning solutions then odds are that they are going to not be as effective as if they were not expired. So if you want to clean your contacts properly then make sure the solutions you are using have yet to expire.