Everyone knows Barbie. Ever since the dolls were first introduced in 1959, it’s been one of the most famous and popular toys in history. And there’s been countless versions of the doll over the years. Some have stuck around, and others have faded away after a short run. But regardless, there are a lot of different variations of Barbie that are worth a lot of money today. Check out what some of these dolls are going for online. Who knows, maybe you have a couple of these in the attic and could make some big bucks off of them!


This doll first hit shelves in 1992, and we’re not exactly sure why. A lot of hair doesn’t seem like a big selling point. But apparently, we’re wrong! It’s one of the best-selling Barbies ever, having sold over 10 million. One of these, still in the box, can still fetch at least $50 on eBay.


These were very popular when they first introduced in the 90’s as they were actually 3-feet tall! So now kids could stand and play with them rather than bending down or sitting on the floor. They came with many different dresses ranging from the dancing gown seen in the image above, to full-on wedding dresses. Today these can sell for as much as $200.


The earliest models did not have the long, brush-able we’re familiar with today. Many of them featured shorter hair and ponytails as they were the popular hairstyle of the late 50’s and early 60’s. But despite being some of the original Barbie designs, these only fetch anywhere from $300-$800.


These dolls were first introduced in ’66 and ’67 and focused on the brightly colored clothes that were popular in women’s fashion at the time. They also included a solution that allowed you to change her hair color! If you had one of these with all the accessories and the hair solution, you could get upwards of $700-$800.


The Christie dolls were huge as they were the first African-American Barbie and the first ones that could talk. We have since seen multiple variations of the Christie doll, with the current going rate as high as $900 for one still in the box.


Barbies that could bend at the knees weren’t introduced until the mid-60’s. It wasn’t the biggest advancement, but at least it made it a little more fun to make Barbie walk. The one pictured above is used and only one leg still bends, but it’s still going for at least $400 on eBay. The same doll still in the box is going for at least $3,000!


The introduction of “Miss Barbie” in 1964 was significant because it was the first version of the doll to not have rooted hair. Instead, it featured a painted on hairstyle and came with three different wigs. It was also the first to feature eyelids that would close if you laid her down. The original doll with all of her accessories can sell for around $1,000 today.