Stopping Weekend Weight Gain

We all know that you tend to pack on the pounds on the weekends. Its no secret, we take weekends off in America, although we shouldn’t. Just because you aren’t working doesn’t mean you should stop being healthy, but most of us do. There are so many reasons why our diets and workouts take a back seat to the weekends, but I’ll discuss the major ones. Fix these little problems and your weekend weight gains will soon turn to weekend weight loss.


Couch Potato

Many of us turn into couch potatoes on the weekends and that’s not always the best. Inactivity is never good unless you are recovering from something. I understand if you sprain an ankle you should stay off of it, but what’s your excuse?

The major problem with being a couch potato is you lose all motivation and eat mindlessly. It’s important to stop eating in front of the TV and get up and move. If you do want to watch TV all day, try using some exercise equipment while you veg out. I ride an exercise bike while I watch TV and it also keeps me from sacking.

If you must veg out in front of the TV, portion out your snacks and have healthy options. Ditch the chips and cut up some fresh veggies to veg out with.


Sleep too Much

Many of us use the weekend to catch up on sleep from the week but this can mess up our circadian rhythm. This is why getting enough sleep during the week is so important. Our circadian rhythm regulates our sleep but it also regulates our hunger. When you sleep in on the weekends, your body craves fatty foods afterwards, so you gain weight. Its best to stay on your weekly schedule and always wake up at same time.


Supermom Mode

Once you are a parent, weekends are designated to kids activities, so you turn into supermom/dad. We always make sure our kids have healthy food but forget to take care of ourselves.  Stop neglecting yourselves and eat normally and stay on your diet.


Weekend Rest

Some of us completely take the weekends off and that includes workouts. We need to stop resting all weekend and get out there and sweat. Change it up from your normal routine, maybe add a hike or bike ride into the mix. Resting all weekend usually does more harm than good. It’s ok to take one day off, but two is out of the question.


Party time

Many of us use the weekend to cut loose and party our nights away. This adds on so many calories to our daily intake. Once you have a few cocktails, you stop counting calories and eat of drunken instinct. These alcohol-fueled feasts add pounds and inches to our waistlines. It’s ok to drink on occasion, but stop making it an every weekend type of thing.


It’s the weekend, so get out there and make it your own. Stop the bad habits and keep your fitness goals going all through the weekend.