How To Push Yourself Further On Your Run

Running is a great way to exercise and is good for your body and even better for your mind. When you run you are in a constant battle with your body and mind. Signals tell you that you should stop, but instead, you charge on. You run and run but after a while, you can definitely hit a fitness wall. How do you combat that? Well, of course, you need to use your mind again. The mind is definitely your most powerful tool and there are a few quick and easy tips you can use to make you run faster and smarter.

So the next time you feel yourself hitting a wall on your run, try using some of these easy to remember tricks to help you break that wall down and keep rocking on your run.


Look, if you’re going to push yourself then you’re going to feel some pain. Even the best runners in the world feel sore and begin to doubt themselves. That’s just the nature of the beast that is running. So know that these feelings are just part of the process that you are going to have to learn how to push through if you want to reach your fitness goals.

Keep your eyes on the prize and see how far you can really push yourself and before you know it, those warning signals will drift away and you’ll be back to focusing on the race at hand.


All the mental tricks and tips you pick up from your reading or from your friends will do you no good if you don’t practice them. When you are training practice using all of your mental tricks so that it is easier to call on them when you really need them in an actual race. If you try a mental trick for the first time in a race, odds are it probably will not work. So keep practice and make all of your tricks part of your routine so you’re able to use then again and again. 


Now is a good time to start a diary if you haven’t already. This is a great way to help you realize exactly how your inner monologue works so you know how to best combat it or when to really listen to yourself. Writing everything down really helps you be able to think about the thoughts that ran through your head during your run. Pretty soon you will be able to separate the exaggerations from reality and know when to listen to yourself and when to ignore yourself.


It’s not so much a matter of if you will doubt yourself, but when. When those thoughts come up, figure out how to address it and combat these thoughts so that you can stay focused on what motivates you and keep on chugging along.

Don’t be embarrassed if you find the best way to fight your thoughts is to talk to yourself or partake in some other weird ritual, the most important thing is you get rid of those thoughts and keep charging ahead. Now you will stay motivated and start running faster and faster.