Hero Of The Las Vegas Massacre: Marine Risks His Life To Save A Stranger

The massacre in Las Vegas is a truly horrendous story that proved to be the largest mass shooting in US history. This event rocked the entire world and left a lot of people utterly befuddled and depressed. However, out of this horrendous tragedies, there were some true heroes that emerged to save the day. This is a story about one such hero, a young marine named Brendan Kelly. Brendan Kelly was at the country concert enjoying himself like many others before tragedy struck. The actions this man took in the face of a horrifying event are truly inspiring and is sure to leave you teary-eyed. Brendan Kelly truly embodies what it means to be a marine and a hero and his actions will be remembered for years to come.


Brendan met a woman by the name of Renee Cesario about two hours before the Jason Aldean show and was enjoying his time at the giant concert. Las Vegas is a fun city to be in, especially when some of your favorite musicians are rocking out on the stage right in front of you. Renee was having fun dancing with Brendan and that is when they decided that they should push up closer to the stage to catch the Jason Aldean show.
Renee left her friends behind and she took Brendan by the hand and pulled him up towards the stage so they could get a really good view of Jason Aldean before the night was over. Everything was going great and the two were having a lot of fun. THey were dancing and laughing really seeming to be enjoying each others company. Jason Aldean stepped onto the stage and began rocking out, much to the two’s delight.
All of a sudden there were loud bangs that rang in the air. No one knew exactly what was going on, they thought maybe it was fireworks but there were no lights.


The sounds suddenly stopped and Jason Aldean continued to play thinking nothing of the sounds. Then the horrific sounds started again and Jason Aldean realized what was happening. He ran off the stage in a hurry and left everyone shocked and scared.
Renee had no idea what was going on, but before she could react Brendan tackled her onto the ground and covered her with his body. She didn’t know it at the time but Brendan was using his body to shield her from this lunatic gunman’s fire.

Renee was starting to understand the scene that was unfolding around her and began to panic. That is when Brendan told her “We have to get out of here. We can’t stay here. It’s not safe.” He pulled her up by her arm and they ran away.
There were bodies littered all over the ground, some dead some injured and some just scared but it was too insane of a scene to really make any sense of it.
They kept running until it was clear that they were safe and Brendan even allowed Renee to use his phone so that she could contact her sister and let her know that she was safe. Brendan showed unbelievable bravery and selflessness when he risked his life to save the life of a stranger.


His heroic actions were then shared by Renee’s sister and the story has since been spread all over the internet. Renee’s mother has voiced her gratitude for the hero and many other people have been truly touched by this incredible story. Some people are hoping that the two now get married, but we’ll see what happens.