Get the Lowdown of the Mono Diet Fad

Losing weight is never easy, especially when there seems to be a new fad diet every couple of weeks. The latest diet trend to hit the internet hard is the Mono Diet, which doesn’t involve getting the “kissing disease” or staying home from school for a few weeks. Instead, the Mono Diet involves eating just one food or food group for an extended period of time. This weight loss craze has reached fever proportions and you can’t get online without hearing of its success. How safe if this trend and should people try this super restrictive diet?


Mono Diet

A mono diet is pretty simple; it involves picking one food or food group and sticking to it for a certain amount of time. Some people do the one food Mono diet, where they will only eat potatoes for a few days to weeks. The other form of Mono diet is the food group version, where people will only eat one food group for the duration of the diet. So if you are doing the fruit Mono diet, you may eat a banana for breakfast, some blueberries for lunch, a few grapes for a snack and strawberries for dinner.


Mono Meals

Another approach to this trend is the Mono Meal plan. This is where you only eat one food group per meal, so maybe you would eat protein for breakfast, fruit for lunch and veggies for dinner.   That’s not all; some people are adding in Raw to the equation, so imagine a diet only consisting of raw foods each meal. If this is beginning to sound confusing, that’s because it is. Most of these diets are being made up on the spot with little to no scientific evidence of their worth.


Why Chose It?

People like this diet because it takes the guesswork and decisions out of the eating process. Many of us have eating disorders and problems making the right decisions, so imagine a world where you don’t chose what to eat and instead you just eat a few items that sustain us. This takes the stress out of eating and turns it into an instinctual situation.

The reason people lose weight on these super restrictive diets is because your body begins to dislike the Mono diet and you automatically eat less.


Will You Lose Weight?

If you only eat one food or food group you most certainly will lose weight, unless you chose the unsuccessful but super popular cake diet. The problem with this diet is it is exactly that, a diet. These restrictive rules will eventually become unacceptable and you will break form the plan, it’s inevitable. This isn’t the best way to consistently keep off weight, instead try to change your bad eating habits and count your calories. Weight loss is basically burning more calories than you intake, simple as that.



There are plenty of risks to only eating one food or food group. You could lose muscle mass, impair your brain’s functions, compromise your immune system and get fatigued easily. Not to mention how grumpy you will be, if you know about being “Hangry,“ then you know how miserable you will be on this diet fad. Its best to let this fad pass up by and just eat smart.