Diabetes is a silent and deadly disease that affects millions of Americans. Most people with diabetes don’t even know that they are sick until they get a blood test with high sugar levels are detected or they develop serious complications. When your body gets diabetes it usually won’t show effects or complications until its too late. Diabetes has some common warning signs like excessive urination, constant thirst and sudden weight loss or gain but some other lesser known symptoms can be signs of the disease. Keep an eye out for these serious signs of danger and get your diabetes diagnosed before it’s too late.


Skin Discoloration

A serious signal that your body isn’t accepting its own insulin is discoloring on the back of your neck. This is called acanthosis, which is a sign that your body is insulin resistant. Your body produces insulin naturally to counteract the effects of sugar and sometimes your body becomes less efficient at eliminating the sugar, it’s called diabetes. Be mindful of skin discoloration at the back of your neck.


Weird Sensations in Feet

Diabetes can cause permanent nerve damage and it generally happens in your feet. If you notice odd sensations or feelings in your feet like numbness or tingling, this may be a sign of bad things. These symptoms are similar to sitting on your foot too long or wearing uncomfortable shoes, so make sure it isn’t something else first. Mention the sensations to your doctor just in case, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Irritated Gums

Irritated gums or gum disease can be signs of diabetes or causes of diabetes. If you have or have had issues with your gums, these may be signs of a worse problem lingering.   This powerful disease also can be a cause of gum disease, so the road goes both ways and neither of these are good. If you have gum disease you may want to schedule an appointment with your doctor to get it all checked out.


Excessive Napping

Daytime napping can be a signal that something else is wrong. If you are taking long naps during the day, you may not just be getting enough sleep at night, you may have diabetes. Being tired is a sign of many issues, so make sure you get it inspected by your doc. All the napping may be caused by sleep apnea sleep deprivation or depression, so diabetes may not be your only issue.


Loss of Hearing or Vision

Having high blood sugar levels can cause damage to your retinas and cause low fluid levels around your eyes, causing sudden eye issues. When you have low blood sugar you will have worse eyesight and once the blood sugar normalizes, your eyesight is restored. This is a major issue and certainly a cause of diabetes.

Similarly high blood sugar can affect your hearing by confusing nerve endings in your ear.


Make sure you keep an eye on your health; you only get one body, so take care of it. This disease is incurable, so once you have it you have it for life, so it’s best to avoid it.


Photos courtesy of Youtube, best Online MD, Diabetes Center, Teeth, SheKnows, Hear on the Shore