People need to fully understand nutrition before they decide certain foods are bad for them, because many of us are misinformed. Take healthy carbohydrates for example, many of us think they will make you gain weight, which is not true. Healthy carbohydrates like whole grains and potatoes fuel our body and digest slower, giving you sustained energy.

All carbohydrates shouldn’t be grouped together as the difference between refined and unrefined carbs is huge. Refined carbs include white bread, pastas, candy and cookies, which will add inches to your waist. Unrefined carbs are the ones you want and the ones your body needs to fuel your mind and muscles.

Eat these 5 unrefined carbohydrates and your weight loss won’t be affected and your body will be happier.


Whole Grains

When carbohydrates are refined, they are essentially stripped of all their good nutrients like fiber making them easily digestible and this is when your blood sugar spikes. People with diabetes should avoid all refined carbs and only eat unrefined versions.  

Whole grains offer your body the proper carbohydrates and all the added nutrients involved. Eating good whole grains like barley, oatmeal, air-popped popcorn and whole grain breads are great choices for any diet. The biggest problem is people aren’t properly informed so they can’t make educated decisions about what to eat.

Now that you know what grains to avoid, you can make smart choices.



Everyone on a diet fears eating potatoes because they think they will immediately gain weight. Potatoes are great sources of vitamin C and potassium, and also contain a good amount of protein. The way people get in trouble with potatoes is how they prepare them and the toppings they put on. Only roast, bake or boil them, never fry. Also, stop dumping butter, cheese and sour cream all over them, that’s just silly. If you are on a diet, you should be avoiding these types of things anyway. Stop thinking of potatoes as bad and embrace the healthy carb.


Sweet fruits

Super sweet fruits like melons, grapes and bananas get bad raps, they are actually very beneficial to our health. Portion control is important with anything that has lots of sugar in them, even if it is natural sugars. Just because something is high in natural sugars doesn’t mean it’s bad for you, just monitor how much you consume.


Starchy veggies

Peas and corn are very starchy vegetables but we should only consider them as starches. This will make eating them easier and it fits into more diets that way. When you are portioning out your plate, think of these, as starches instead of veggies and you won’t get into trouble with your diet. Starches shouldn’t replace vegetables; instead they should be eaten together. Starches offer great fiber and protein.



Stop avoiding healthy carbs like legumes. Black beans and lentils are incredibly healthy and beneficial to our bodies. These legumes will offer you great sources of protein that will give you the energy you need.


Let’s give these unrefined carbohydrates a break and stop mixing them in with all he unhealthy refined versions. Remember white bread is bad but whole grain bread is good; Pasta is bad but potatoes are good; cookies are high in sugar and bad but melons are high in natural sugar and are great.