Best Ways to Eat Smart

Eating smart doesn’t just mean counting calories and not eating processed foods, it means actively understanding why you are eating and enjoying every bite.

These are new ideas in the health world as of late and are revolutionizing the way people diet. Eating smart is all about being present when you eat and actively understanding what the food you consume does for your body. Its one thing to eat fresh vegetables, but another to understand what certain vegetables do to your body and how they help.

Eating smart will help you lose weight because instead of just counting calories you will have a better understanding of what you should eat and why. This understanding is the key to eating smart and taking control of your body. Here are the best ways to eat smart and make mindful decisions.


Ask Yourself Why you Are Eating?

Don’t just eat because it’s dinner tie or because other people are eating instead eat when you feel hungry. Your body is a masterful machine that knows when it needs nourishment. Listen to your body and know why you are eating.   Are you eating but actually thirty? Listen to your body and eat when it tells you to.


Colorful foods

Eating colorful and vibrant foods is beneficial to your diet. Taking small bites, chewing thoroughly allows you to taste the differences in organic foods and over processed foods. Those differences will make you appreciate better foods.

Chew and enjoy each bite

Seriously, I know you’ve heard it before, but chew your food thoroughly. We are all guilty of this and all do it too much.   Proper chewing breaks down the food and helps with digestion, but also allows your taste buds to savor each bite. The more chews the more surface time your taste buds get with yummy food.

Drink a glass of water BEFORE you Eat

Drinking a glass of water before you eat fills your stomach so you have to eat less to fill up. Sounds pretty smart to me.   This not only helps you with not overeating but also helps with dehydration.




Turn of TV

Stop eating distracted and enjoys what you are putting into your mouth. Paying attention while eating allows you to enjoy every bite and know when you are full much faster. This also allows you to see how certain food affects you. If something gives you heartburn or indigestion, you want to know what did it.


Pause before seconds

Wait 15 minutes before going for seconds. It makes sense but your stomach can take up to 20 minutes so send a signal to your brain that it’s full. Give your body time to fully digest what you just ate before getting more.


Sip tea instead of snacking

If you get a hankering for something late night, brew up some tea and save yourself a bunch of unwanted calories. The process of making tea and sipping it will satisfy any late night cravings.


Remember your cravings

Make note of any craving you might have, this is because its important and you may need what you crave. If you crave chocolate, its because your body needs something in chocolate. Be mindful and you won’t have cravings for long.


Remember to enjoy the food, not just count the calories

Eating shouldn’t be so mechanical and machine like, stop just counting calories and eat what makes you happy. If you are eating smart, you’ll crave the right types of food.