Are Your Fitness Habits Ruining Your Workout?

Achieving your fitness goals is tough enough as it is. But some of your habits you do before every workout could be hurting your chances even more. Why make everything so much harder on yourself when getting in shape and staying in shape is hard enough as it is?

If you’re having trouble with your workouts maybe it’s time to start looking at what you’re doing outside the gym rather than inside the gym. Here are some common bad habits that are totally ruining your workouts.


You Have Bad Form

Okay, so this article starts out with something you’re doing wrong inside the gym, but it is still often overlooked and very important. You don’t need to do more reps or add more weight, you need to make sure you’re lifting the weights correctly in the first place. If you’re new to the gym or you’ve never been properly trained in lifting weights then odds are you’re just not doing it right. There is no shame in that, how are you supposed to know? But you are putting your joints and muscles in danger. Lifting improperly is a great way to get injured which unless the shape you’re trying to get into is a pretzel is a really bad idea. Talk to a personal trainer or a gym junkie friend and get advice on how to lift your weights correctly.



Your Stomach is Empty

If there’s no fuel in the tank, then your body can’t run. This is one of the worst habits you can have. You need to have food in your stomach so that you have enough energy to get through your workout. Plus, if you eat something before your workout your body will have already started burning calories before you hit the gym so it will help accelerate the process of losing weight. If you consistently workout on an empty stomach you will lose muscle instead of gain it and your low blood sugar will make you dizzy. Passing out at the gym is definitely a bad look, so eat some healthy food and fuel your body.



Cardio Overload

If you do too much cardio you’re just going to be hurting your body. You need to focus more on strength training and other different exercises to help tone your body, rather than just straight cardio. Don’t stop cardio altogether, just be smart about it and make sure your workouts are balanced and varied. If you want to lose weight pay attention to your diet and focus on strength training as well.



Eating Poorly or Not Eating At All

Look, skipping meals is not a good solution to losing weight especially if you’re working out at the same time. You don’t want your body to break itself down in a mad search for glucose, that’s why you need food in your stomach to give yourself some fuel. But you want to give yourself good fuel, not bad fuel full of processed foods and empty carbohydrates. If you eat healthily your body will get more mileage and be able to burn more fat.