A Man Was Renovating His Home And Ended Up Discovering An Entire Underground City

Back in 1963, a Turkish man living in the Nevsehir Province set out to do some minor renovations on his home. Little did he know he was about to accidentally make one of the greatest discoveries of all time.

See, in this area of Turkey, it’s fairly standard to build homes into the rocks that are common in the area. They were formed millions of years ago by volcanic eruptions and have stood the tests of time. So when this particular man knocked down a wall in his home, he was surprised to find a secret room behind it. What an amazing discovery! He had no idea it was there. But upon further inspection, he noticed something else. There was a staircase at one end of the room that was leading somewhere else!


He explored further and was absolutely amazed to discover there was an entire underground city right there beneath his home! In fact, it was the famed lost city of Derinkuyu. Hundreds of years ago there were many underground cities just like it in the Cappadocia region of Turkey. But it had been abandoned and forgotten a long time ago.


Amazingly, it was perfectly intact! There were rooms upon rooms. Staircases everywhere. There was a grand total of 18 stores! And it was so intricately designed. Walking through it, you can just imagine the kind of hustle and bustle that once existed down there. The busy markets and small family homes that took up each space. Such rich history went along with this city and we may never know even a sliver of it.


Many scientists believe that underground cities like Derinkuyu existed as a way to protect people from the harms of war and natural disasters. While the rocks were generally easy to carve into, they still provided a very stable structure and it’s inhabitants surely felt safe living in the city.


It really is incredible that architectural feats like this one can exist for so long and then just be completely forgotten. The Earth contains so many mysteries just like it. Who knows how many more we’ll discover in the coming years! I for one can’t wait to hear about the next one.