Why We Need To Eat Vegetables

We’ve always been told to eat our vegetables. Our parents told us, our teachers told us, television still tells us, basically everyone is in consensus that eating veggies is the only way to stay healthy. But why must we eat vegetables? What about vegetables make them so good for us? A lot of people don’t actually know, so they opt for nachos and ice cream sandwiches instead. But you can’t just ignore vegetables, as hard as you try, they are here to stay and your parents, teachers, and TV were right, you need to eat them. Why?

We know why vegetables are good and we’re going to share the answers with you so you can better understand exactly what exactly they do for your body and why they’re so necessary to anyone’s diet.


They’re Packed With Nutrients

Look at the benefits vegetables give you compared to something like pretzels. When you compare them side by side you can eat 32 baby carrots with two tablespoons of hummus or an ounce and a half of pretzels. Those two snacks are the same exact calories. One sounds like you’re eating like a king, while the other sounds like you’re just trying to get the bad part out of your Chex Mix.

Not only will you get to eat way more carrots and hummus than a tiny ounce and a half of pretzels, but you’re also getting fiber, fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals instead of just the empty carbs that the pretzels have to offer.

Eating vegetables also helps you to feel more full so you’re less likely to eat more calories. Keeping your calorie count and your hunger level down.


Vegetables Help You Poop

Look there’s no sugarcoating it, although I don’t know why you’d want to sugarcoat poop, vegetables provide a whole lot of fiber that help your body with bowel movements. I know it’s not fancy or fun to think about your poop, but it is a necessary process that can be terrible if things go awry.

Sadly most Americans have a hard time on the toilet because they’re not getting enough fiber in their diet and the best way to help with that is to eat more fiber. Also, fiber helps you feel full for longer so avoid the processed junk and slam some veggies. Your butt will thank you.


Vegetables Taste Great

Look, I know you may not be buying it, but I’m serious, veggies taste great. There are so many different veggies out there that you’re bound to find one that you find palatable. If you’ve never liked any vegetables maybe you’re just cooking it in the wrong way. Try roasting or grilling or sauteing or blending them up into soups. There are so many different vegetables that can be made in so many different ways that you should be able to find some delectable recipes that work for you while getting you all the vitamins and nutrients that they have to offer. Eat vegetables not just for your health but for their taste. They help make a meal colorful and complete and will leave you satiated for a lot longer than that processed junk.