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The Best Haircut For Your Face Shape

Yes, you should consider your hair type and facial features when deciding on a hairstyle. But…



Yes, you should consider your hair type and facial features when deciding on a hairstyle. But don’t forget another crucial factor: your face shape. Choosing a hairstyle that flatters the shape of your face, compliments you from all angles. According to A-list hair stylists these are the best cuts and styles for the different face shapes. Find your face shape and choose the best style for you.


For Round Faces:


A round face looks really good with an uneven cut, meaning a mix of lengths. If you add a deep side part and long, side-swept bangs, you’ll look slimmer. Use a light finishing cream to coax, and keep, bangs to the side.

Long Layers

If you want to wear a center part, the way to make it work for a round face is to have hair a few inches past your shoulders with layers that hit at the jaw. Ask your stylist to cut in a bit on the sides to create subtle angles. Prevent short layers from frizzing, which can add bulk around your face, by smoothing on a silicone serum.

Sleek Ponytail

An easy way to add definition is with a sleek ponytail secured at, or above, the height of your ears, The key? Keeping your hair smooth opposed to big and bouncy, which can add bulk. Try running a light lotion on dry hair before pulling it back.

Piecey Bob

The key to wearing hair above the shoulders is styling it imprecisely. It’s a soft, layered cut worn intentionally mussed. Use a thickening spray and a round brush on damp hair to add a bit of movement and wave.

Defined Pixie

Try a pixie. All those little pieces help emphasize the cheekbones and eyes; it’s almost as if you build in cheekbones with this cut. Apply a pomade to damp hair for definition and texture.

Angled Bob

Try long, dramatic layers that sweep along the chin, and a shortening of the hair as you go back to the nape of the neck. This cut gives you structure and angles. The hard lines of it balance out the soft lines of a round face. Use a volumizing spray to add body at the roots for extra slimming, but be wary of adding any at the sides, that can widen the face.


For Oval Faces:

Blunt Bangs

If your face tends to look long, cutting straight bangs across the brow line can break up the length by creating the illusion of width. Keep them blunt, with one or two passes of a flatiron.

Center Part

A center part on hair that’s shoulder-length or longer is nice against an oval backdrop. To avoid looking too severe, add some soft waves. If you want a bit more texture, wrap random sections around a large-barrel curling iron. The effect is incredibly romantic.

Bob With Side Bangs

A collarbone-grazing bob with side-swept bangs helps break up a long face and add softness. Keep bangs in place with a pea-size drop of light gel.

Edgy Short Cut

There’s something very sexy and feminine about showing off your neck and ears with such hard lines. Use a medium-hold gel to make it look piecey.


For Square Faces:

Thinned-Out Bob

A soft, tapered bob that hits right around the chin works beautifully on a square face. To add texture and offset any severity at the jawline, mist on a dry shampoo spray, then flatiron the ends.

Tousled Shag

Go for a shag with body. Use a styling cream to emphasize layers and de-emphasize squareness.

Wavy Ends

Try waves from the ears down, which helps obscure any severity in the jawline. Use a large round brush to smooth hair, then spritz on a wave spray.

Long and Straight

Really straight and long hair softens square angles. And the center part opens up the middle of the face, drawing attention away from the jawline.


For Heart Faces:

Bouncy Bob

For a heart-shaped face, hair that hits right below the jaw helps fill in the area around the chin, and de-emphasizes the triangle. To blur those lines even more, add a bit of body with a round brush and volumizing spray.

Deep Side Part

With long hair, start with a clearly defined side part, then add side-swept bangs, the idea is to bring your eyes out.

Long, Layered Waves

You want a few pieces of hair to fall in the area between the ears and the nose to offset the width of the ‘heart,’ and you want the longer layers to fill in around the chin. Any waviness should be kept from the ears down. Fullness on top only emphasizes the point at the bottom.

Pixie With Side-Swept Bangs

A pixie with soft side-swept bangs softens any hard features. Finger-comb a light cream before going over hair with a round brush and blow-dryer for smoothness.

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Harmonizing Nature’s Influence: Bionassay’s Biotechnological Innovations for Skincare




In the skincare domain, the fusion of botanicals and scientific advancements has led to groundbreaking discoveries, revolutionizing the quest for healthy and sustainable skin solutions. Bionassay, a skincare brand dedicated to excellence, stands as a pioneer in this movement, harnessing biotechnology’s potential to craft products that foster skin health while minimizing environmental impact.

Biotechnology’s role in skincare extends far beyond mere product effectiveness; it holds promise for sustainability. By employing innovative methods, biotechnology offers a more eco-friendly approach to ingredient production, reducing waste and conserving natural resources. At Bionassay, we deeply value sustainability and strive to integrate it into every facet of our operations.

Our commitment to sustainability resonates in our ingredient selection. Through the synergy of nature and cutting-edge biotechnological processes, we formulate potent and environmentally conscious skincare solutions. Consider salicylic acid, a potent compound traditionally sourced from aspirin. Thanks to biotechnological advancements, we can now sustainably synthesize salicylic acid from Wintergreen. This compound not only exfoliates the skin, removing dead cells, but also boasts antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. In our Neige Éternelle cream, Wintergreen extract revitalizes the epidermis and unclogs pores, revealing a clearer, more radiant complexion.

Likewise, hyaluronic acid, renowned for its skin-plumping properties, is sustainably sourced from chicory root. Found in our Perle D’Eau and Éclat de Lait formulations, chicory root extract serves as a biomimetic activator of hyaluronic acid synthesis. Post-application, it aids the skin in producing hyaluronic acid beneath the surface, ensuring optimal hydration and a rejuvenated appearance.

At Bionassay, transparency and accountability are paramount. Our products bear the Leaping Bunny certification, and we refrain from testing on animals. Moreover, all our ingredients are traceable to their source, guaranteeing fair working conditions and the efficacy of our formulations.

In essence, the integration of biotechnology in skincare signifies a significant stride towards sustainability. By embracing nature’s bounty and cutting-edge science, Bionassay is steadfast in providing skincare solutions that not only deliver remarkable results but also contribute to a greener future for our planet.

Discover Bionassay’s array of sustainable skincare products here.

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Combining Botox and DiamondGlow in Portland: The Ultimate Anti-Aging Strategy




Modern woman receives botulinum toxin injections in a cosmetology clinic

A skillful combination of multiple anti-aging treatments can build on positive results and bring you the youthful expression you’ve been searching for. One such combination that works beautifully is that of Botox and DiamondGlow.

The two treatments work differently but complement one another. Learn how each treatment works independently and how you can combine their stunning benefits.

Using Botox to Rejuvenate Your Expression

Botox is an injectable treatment based on the natural botulinum toxin. This medication works on the facial nerves, reducing signals that tell the nerves to move facial muscles.

Today’s Botox application is far more subtle than you may remember from the past. Your face will not lose its natural expression, but the muscles controlling your lines and wrinkles will relax.

Botox is a safe medication that doctors have prescribed for decades. It has not only cosmetic applications but also medical applications. When a qualified practitioner administers the treatment, it has a high success rate and satisfies clients.

Taking Advantage of DiamondGlow’s Strengths

DiamondGlow is an exciting update on the traditional facial. It combines exfoliation, gentle pore-cleaning suction, and custom serum application in one quick step. The treatment removes dead skin cells without the excess dryness caused by some peels and scrubs.

The system gets its name from the diamond tips on the facial wand. The tips come in six different particle sizes, allowing a range of exfoliation from gentle to intense.

DiamondGlow refreshes skin, providing a rejuvenated appearance.

A Powerful Combination

Administered together, DiamondGlow and Botox have an impressive list of benefits:

  • Exfoliation
  • Pore clearing suction
  • Tailored serum application
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, especially glabellar lines (vertical lines between the eyebrows) and forehead wrinkles

Can I Get Botox and DiamondGlow Together?

Sometimes, clients can receive Botox and DiamondGlow during the same appointment. Providers recommend receiving the DiamondGlow treatment first and then the Botox injection. Other patients prefer to split the treatment between two clinic visits.

Other Treatments That Complement Botox and DiamondGlow

  • Dermal Fillers: These valuable medications restore lost skin plumpness and define your jawline. They work well on gaunt cheeks and nasolabial folds, among other cosmetic issues. They use hyaluronic acid, a natural ingredient in healthy skin, to fill wrinkles and lines.
  • Medical Skin Peels: Peels can restore sensitive and normal skin. They can affect sun-damaged areas that exhibit melasma and hyperpigmentation.

Enjoying Your Refreshed Appearance

DiamondGlow and Botox can provide a gorgeous effect that calms wrinkles and rejuvenates skin. These two treatments can eliminate years of aging from your appearance. Discover Botox and DiamondGlow’s advantages by calling a well-respected medical spa like Esthetic Medspa Portland.

Deciding to pursue cosmetic treatments can be difficult. Be reassured that these products are safe, effective, and produce a beautiful effect.

esthetic medspa Portland provides multiple medical aesthetics treatments in southern Maine, including facials, injectable fillers, laser treatments, DiamondGlow, peels, microneedling, dermaplaning, and microdermabrasion. We offer concierge-style service in a luxury environment. Call our Portland, ME office today at 207-618-5792 or contact us with questions or to make an appointment.

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How to Increase your Sales by Choosing Hair Spray Boxes for your Business




One of the most widely used products in the world is hair spray. Every woman has one of these in her bathroom, and it can be used for everything from fashion to keeping you dry in a downpour. What transpires, though, if you desire to boost sales? You must select the appropriate hair spray packaging for your company.

Engaging a Hair Spray Box has a Solid Effect on your Clients

Hairspray packaging boxes are unquestionably a useful tool for companies of all sizes. Whether you own a mom-and-pop store, spa, or salon, having a fully filled box will greatly boost your sales. It’s critical to get the best box for your company. You need to choose one that not only has the functionality and performance you require to succeed but is also aesthetically beautiful. The following advice will help you select the ideal hair spray box for your company:

1. Take a look at the box’s size. It’s not always best to go bigger when it comes to hairspray. While you don’t need a large container to transport a lot of goods, you do need enough room to be able to see what’s inside and quickly locate what you’re searching for. Most counters can accommodate a small box that nevertheless has enough storage capacity.

2. Take into account the box’s attributes. Other boxes have built-in racks for holding bottles of hairspray in various places, while still others have spritzers and organizers. Before making a buying decision, make sure the box’s characteristics will satisfy your demands as a business owner.

3. Think about how simple it is to utilize the box. If a hair spray container is poorly built or overly packed, using it may be challenging. Look for a user-friendly design.


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