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The 6 Zodiac Signs That Can’t Stand Being Alone

Some people don’t mind being alone, others absolutely hate it. And if you’re one of these 6 Zodiac signs, you definitely fall into the “hate it” category. 



The concept of “being alone” can take all different kinds of definitions for different people. You can love your alone time but still hate feeling lonely. There’s a difference, naturally. But there are some people out there that just hate being alone in general. And it’s typically directly related to their zodiac sign.

More specifically, there are 6 Zodiac signs that handle being alone worse than anyone else. So read through to see if your sign is on this list, and try and act surprised when you discover it is!


Right off the bat, this is tough to swallow, as I myself am an Aries. But once it’s broken down for me it’s hard to argue against. Aries can be very independent individuals, but they still long for appreciate or even just recognition from others. So, even though they can get a lot done on their own, they’re often constantly feeling a sense of urgency to find someone to see them and like them.

One way for an Aries to combat this would be to focus on giving yourself the unconditional love and appreciation you so greatly desire, rather than desperately seeking it from others.


When it comes to Taurus’, they tend to be needier than most, and more specifically often need to be needed. It all comes down to self-worth. They need others to need them to feel validated. So one thing any Taurus could try and focus on is determining your own self-worth internally, without attaching it to what you do or can do for others.


Gemini isn’t the sign of the twins for nothing. They crave a partner that they can constantly communicate every single thought and feeling with. It’s not all unhealthy, however, as they also crave learning from others as well. But in terms of trying to get more comfortable being alone, a Gemini should focus on letting out and enjoying their opposite sides, and less on finding their perfect match or “twin.”


For those keeping track, this is four chronological signs in a row! But unlike the previous for signs, Cancer’s are typically the nurturing type and crave the company of others so they can help and take care of others. Often leading to them not properly taking care of themselves. Any idea how they might combat this unhealthy behavior?!

It’s simple and obvious. Just give yourself some of that nurturing energy! Helping others will always feel good, but you deserve help too sometimes. Don’t sell yourself short and don’t leave yourself out.


Our first jump as far as the calendar is concerned brings us to Libras. Libras tend to feel antsy and unbalanced when they’re not with someone. So they’re often serial monogamists because they need that other person to focus on. Often leading to themselves ignoring themselves. That’s why Libras should try and confront their fears of being alone and become comfortable with themselves, and in doing so they would increase the chances of their next relationship actually being a healthy one.


Scorpios are often described as extremely carnal people that trust and follow their animalistic instincts. This leads to them dominating most elements of a relationship and really fusing with their partner in order to properly transform to make the partnership work. Obviously, this means they have a very difficult time being alone. So Scorpios should try and prove to themselves that they can grow and transform all on their own. That way they would be less afraid of being alone.

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4 Things That People with Multiple Partners Want You to Know



Polyamorous relationships are not everyone’s cup of tea. However, there are some couples who find it better to have a so-called third wheel. Others discover that having multiple partners work best for them.

Polyamory is not a popular lifestyle choice. Most people opt to enter monogamous relationships, preferring to have one partner at a time. In fact, individuals who opt to have multiple partners are usually frowned upon. To better understand why some people adopt—and perpetuate—polyamory, we collated several reasons:

They’re not the jealous type.

Dr Elisabeth Sheff, author of the book entitled “Polyamorists Next Door” asserts that people with multiple partners do not easily get jealous. Additionally, polyamorists assert that opting to be in a polyamorous relationship even helps overcome that natural predilection. They mention that being in a relationship with multiple partners allows you to ease too much focus on a single partner and distribute your affection to accommodate all the other partners you have.

The relationship isn’t purely about sex.

Sheff claims that people with multiple partners do not merely opt for the said lifestyle due to their need for physical intimacy. However, it is still one of the major reasons. Sheff shares that polyamory also works for her and her wife, especially since she travels a lot and they rarely have time for their relationship. 

“We have a lot of flexibility, but we don’t tend to act on it very much. Me because I don’t have a very high sex drive, and her because she’s been working like a fiend. She’s very serious about her career, and spends zero time trying to date. It’s only happened the once, where she met someone she really connected with,” she explains.

For some, having multiple partners helps provide the intimacy that may sometimes be lacking in a purely monogamous arrangement, as well. 

People fall into this lifestyle.

Sometimes, couples choose to try the lifestyle and find out that it makes their relationship better. “We learned a lot about how poly worked…and soon it was quite a normal thing in our social circle,” mentions Alex who also practices polyamory together with his wife. He narrates that, at first, he and his wife were reluctant to adopt the lifestyle. “It did make us more relaxed about other things, we became more comfortable telling each other when we found someone else attractive or had fun flirting with someone or whatever,” he explains.

It requires constant and open communication.

To maintain the beneficial effects of having multiple partners, Alex and his wife adopted the necessity of having constant and open communication. He says that they make it a point to prioritize their relationship even as they practice polyamory. He shares that it isn’t always easy. “…we found we were able to work things out for ourselves through lots of honesty and conversation and being loving and considerate in a way that has also made our relationship much deeper and stronger,” Alex explains.

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Study Says Lockdown Helped Make More People Happy



According to the Bennet Institute for Public Policy in Cambridge University, about half of the people who previously reported feelings of happiness decreased in the 3 weeks right after the lockdown. Data from various platforms mention that only about 51% of Britons declared feelings of joy before the report of the first COVID-19 death in the UK and only 25% were feeling happy after the declaration of lockdown on 23 March.

When the lockdown eased a bit, however, numbers started improving as around 47% started saying that they were happy by the end of May.

The same research also mentions that there is a relative difference between the rich and the poor in terms of happiness levels in relation to the lockdown. Those who were well-off in life mention the dwindling levels of joy while the poorest sector asserts a rise in hopefulness and satisfaction.

Dr Robert Foa of YouGov-Cambridge Centre for Public Opinion Research and Cambridge’s Department of Politics and International Studies mentions, “It was the pandemic, not the lockdown, that depressed people’s wellbeing. Mental health concerns are often cited as a reason to avoid lockdown.”

“In fact, when combined with employment and income support, lockdown may be the single most effective action a government can take during a pandemic to maintain psychological welfare,” Foa adds.

In many parts of the world, there is a huge outcry for aid especially because the widespread declaration of lockdowns caused many people to lose their jobs. Many people were also cut off from their loved ones due to the social distancing requirement that is still in effect today. People who were used to freely mingling and going out daily were suddenly left with nothing to do and no one to be with. The sudden need to stay indoors greatly affected the different aspects of living, causing huge impacts on both physical and mental well-being.

With the news of various attempts to discover an effective vaccine for the coronavirus and the increasing improvement in contract tracing and testing, many people are feeling hopeful once again. The need to go back to various jobs and reconnect with loved ones allow more people to regain the positivity that was lost during the height of the pandemic.


The sudden onset of the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis heavily affected the whole world. Various countries around the world were forced to enact hard lockdowns and require social distancing protocols to stop the rapid spread of the deadly virus. The general feelings of happiness decreased during the onset of the pandemic as the report of the first UK death made people realize the seriousness of the issue at hand. With the attempts to discover a vaccine for the disease, however, and the gradual easing of lockdown in the country, more and more Britons are now claiming feelings of hopefulness and joy. Around the world, the clamor for a definite covid-19 cure is heard.   

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Love in the Time of Coronavirus: Dating During Covid



The coronavirus heavily impacted so many areas in our lives. Finding love, a common preoccupation especially among singles all around the world became even more impossible as lockdowns were established to halt the rapid spread of the COVID-19 infection. A multitude of dating apps suddenly sprung up to cater to the loveless, allowing more people to mingle online instead of offline.

Dating Coronavirus

When quarantine measures first occurred in the early part of 2020, Alan McMahon, a 29-year-old freelance production manager, subscribed to the $30 monthly subscription on one of the dating apps, Hinge. There, he met Brooke, his current girlfriend.

The two eventually decided to hike across the Runyon Canyon, Los Angeles’ popular and scenic trail. During the said hike, they became increasingly at ease with each other until they decided to remove their masks. That was the time when Alan knew this date was different. “All caution was thrown to the wind,” asserts Alan, referring to the famous coronavirus protocol of wearing masks while in the presence of other people.

That was a few months ago. Now, the couple are still together, splitting their time together between her Long Beach apartment and his West Hollywood one. Both have accomplished the impossible and found love during COVID-19.

Alan believes that he has “found his soul mate during the most unlikely of times”. They are hoping to get married in Vegas as soon as the chapels open there.

Dating Exclusively

While this sounds like a perfect, if not improbable, reality for all, dating sites have become even more popular as more and more single people hope to find someone to be with online. Experts assert that the current pandemic has actually made it even more convenient for singles to find possible matches.

“Because we have this dedicated time to find love, there are no distractions — you’re not a bar looking at people around you or looking at your drink. Everyone’s more present and they are more conscious about the way they are showing up to these virtual or real-life dates,” shares Yue Xu, co-host of the ‘Dateable’ podcast.

Indeed, more individuals find it easier to focus their attention to finding more serious, exclusive relationships as they are able to pick their matches using these dating apps. They get to pinpoint possible prospects using these apps’ feature of entering specific traits they may prefer and go on from there.

Love and Companionship

One of the greatest challenges pre-COVID-19 was that there were too many candidates out there. Everyone was preoccupied with work, studies, and other things. Now, however, people get the much-needed time-off from their regular, busy lives. Singles are provided the chance to look into their individual, isolated lives and realize the importance of companionship—and, ultimately, love.

Perhaps, one of the major lessons from this pandemic, then, is that we are all social beings—we all long to be with someone other than ourselves. Like Alan and his girlfriend, Brooke, love during Covid can still become a reality for single adults who continue to long for a partner to share their lives with. The internet is filled with many dating apps to help make that pervasive dream a reality.

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