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Swollen Gums And Braces: Causes & Remedies

Getting braces for your teeth is a big “coming-of-age” moment among teenagers.  However, braces also create some discomfort to its wearers – especially in the form of swollen gums. 



     Suffering from swollen gums while wearing braces is a common complaint by patients. However, this is to be expected as gums are adjusting to the movements of the jaw and teeth caused by the braces. Still, just because this shifting is the new “normal” does not mean it can or should be left “as-is.” Swollen gums could eventually lead to more serious problems in the long run.



     If you were unaware, swollen gums are caused by bacteria and infections in our mouth. With braces, many of the teeth are covered by brackets glued onto the teeth. When they’re covered, it is difficult to clean the teeth properly. Due to this reason, bacteria are allowed to build-up, allowing for potential tooth decay. The gums swell in protection.



Fight The Swelling

  •  Keeping the teeth and braces always clean and free from food debris.

We are all aware that left-over debris in the teeth may cause tooth decay and plaque – which might exacerbate a swollen gum. In order to avoid this, maintaining a clean mouth and cleanly braces.


  •  Regular Brushing and Flossing

 There are special types of toothbrushes and floss designed for those who wear braces. These types

of oral products help clean the teeth properly through the braces.


  •  Regular Use of Mouthwash 

 There are lots of mouthwashes in the market that are effective in washing away harmful oral bacteria. However,

there are also home-made mouthwashes like a salt and water combination or lemon water rinse.


  •  Medication

There are medicines that could be taken in order to minimize or cure the swelling. It is advisable to seek

the advice of your dentist before any intake of medicine.


  •  Regular Orthodontic Appointments

 Regular visits to the Orthodontist will always prove helpful since they will be able to examine and assess the degree of

swelling and provide medical advice on how to cure or avoid your existing or development of swollen gums.



  •  Change of Diet and Lifestyle

It’s common knowledge that hard and textured food should be avoided when wearing braces in order to avoid gum pain and strain on the teeth. Smoking should also be avoided to avoid damage to healthy gum tissues. Even if swollen gums are a common occurrence for those who have dental braces, it is still avoidable by practicing a healthy lifestyle and maintaining proper oral health care.


Top proven remedies for swollen gums caused by braces

Swollen gums are the most common complaint of braces-wearing patients when speaking to their orthodontist. Though normal, it might cause uncomfortable feelings in the mouth. Thankfully, there are different ways of treating swollen gums.


  •  Proper and Healthy Oral Hygiene

 Maintaining a clean and proper oral practice will greatly help in preventing and curing swollen gums.

Regularly brushing your teeth, flossing and gargling with mouthwash helps remove dirt, food debris and

bacteria in the mouth.

  •  Clove Oil

Clove oil is a proven dental-medicine from the clove plant that works as a pain-reliever. Its method of

application is very easy: a little amount of oil is applied to the affected area of the gym using a cotton swab.



  •  Gum Massages

One of the most commonly used method of home-remedy for swollen gums is the gum massage. It is done

by pressing a soft-bristled toothbrush on the gums for half an hour.


  •  Home-Made Solutions

Gargling helps clean the mouth from harmful bacteria. Aside from commercial mouthwashes, there are also

home-made solutions that can be used. One is the salt and water solution, composed of salt dissolved in

water, then gargled thoroughly before spitting. Another recipe for home-made mouthwash is the combination of water and apple cider



  •  Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been proven to help in removing bacteria build-up in the teeth as well as in helping sooth

pain and inflammation in the gums. The method of application is simple. Extract the gel from the leaves

and apply on the affected or inflamed area. Avoid swallowing the plant extract.


Wrap Up

     There are other methods of curing swollen gums using medicine and additional methods. Proper diet and lifestyle choices, as well as stress management, also help in preventing and removing swollen gums. However, it is advisable to first seek advice from your dentist or orthodontist before doing or applying any of the methods to avoid further problems concerning your oral problem.


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Beauty Care Tips Every Woman Must Know



Every woman is beautiful in her own right. She does her routine with exacting femininity and grace that only makes her more attractive, not only to others, but also to herself. It is essential for every woman to know how to take care of herself—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually—and cultivate a healthy self-image in the process.

For a woman, being beautiful is undeniably an added bonus. This does not, however, disregard the necessity of nurturing other intrinsic aspects including mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Nonetheless, it is essential to establish certain beauty tricks to maintain her looks.

If you are a woman, here are several beauty tips for you:

Green Tea is a Beautifying Agent

Green tea isn’t merely used to promote weight loss and detox. Use green tea to beautify your skin, as well. Used tea bags can serve a secondary purpose as they can be placed under the eyes to lighten those dark circles below the eyes. Green tea can also reduce swelling and eradicate those fine lines.

Removing Lipstick with Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil can be used to get rid of your lipstick. Dip a ball of cotton in some sweet almond oil and gently rub your lips with it. It’s a cheap makeup remover that can be used to remove all traces of makeup on your face, as well.

Avoid Cosmetics with Comedogenic Ingredients

Comedogenic ingredients in cosmetics clog your pores and irritate your skin. Acne and blemish concealers, for instance, might work well as they cover those dark spots on your skin. However, they can also further exacerbate sensitive skin and even clog your pores. Find alternatives that do not contain comedogenic substances like acetylated lanolin alcohol and ascorbyl palmitate instead.

Vaseline to Shape Your Eyebrows

Vaseline or its generic name, petroleum jelly, has long been used for a variety of purposes. You can also use it to shape your eyebrows. Dab a bit of Vaseline on a Q-tip and use it to groom your eyebrows and even have thicker brows in time.

Coconut Oil before Washing Your Hair

Coconut oil has many benefits. Massage a tablespoon-full of coconut oil in your hair 10 minutes before shampooing. It helps to thicken your hair strands, deepen its color, and even soften your hair.

Patch Tests for Each New Product

Before using new cosmetic products, make sure to do a patch test first. For hair coloring agents, dab a bit of the product behind your ears and leave it there for 24 hours. Do the same for new lotions and creams. If any allergic reaction develops, stop using the product.


It is highly essential for a woman to continue and improve her regular beauty routine. Physical beauty contributes to self-image and self-worth. Nevertheless, it is equally vital to check new products for substances that may only prove harmful for you in the long run. If at all, consult an expert or read about the different chemicals contained in your cosmetics before even using them on yourself.

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8 Ways to Prevent Acne Breakouts



There is nothing more annoying than having a massive zit on an important milestone of your life, such a big date or your first day of classes. Acne typically occurs when your skin’s pores are blocked with oil, dead skin, or bacteria. To get rid of acne and have healthy, beautiful, clear skin, read on to the tips below to prevent acne breakouts.

Ways to Have an Acne-Free Face

Wash Your Face Before You Sleep

Even though it is mighty tempting just to go to sleep after a long day, make sure that you form the habit of washing your face before you sleep! Your face is exposed to all types of dirt, dust, pollution, smoke, germs, and bacteria during the day. Make sure you wash your face clean before sleeping to prevent dirt build-up in your pores so you can wake up with a fresh and clean look.

Use Moisturizer

Yes, use moisturizer even for people who have an oily face! Having dry skin is a breeding ground for acne to grow, so make sure that you moisturize your face at least once a day to keep your face smooth and clear.

Wash Thoroughly

While building the habit of washing regularly is great, make sure that you wash your face thoroughly so that there will be no leftover suds or soap that can potentially block your pores and cause acne. Make sure that your face is smooth and silky and not soapy, so you can be assured that there is no leftover product on your face.

Be Gentle

When washing your face, consider doing soft and gentle taps as compared to scrubbing your skin raw. Excessive scrubbing can further irritate your skin, which can then be vulnerable to acne spurts. When using your hands to wash your face, make sure your hands are clean and dirt-free. Otherwise, you will just be transferring the dirt on your hand to your face.

Wash Your Face When You Wake Up

Product in your hair can transfer to your pillowcase and blanket, which in turn, can be transferred to your face as you sleep. Make it a habit to wash your face when you wake up so that the dirt and grime while you sleep will be washed off your face.

Clean Your Phone

You are always touching your phone, which makes it one of the hotspots for bacteria and germs to breed in. You can clean your phone by getting wet wipes and wiping off the screen. In this way, when you call someone, there won’t be any germs transferring from your phone to your face.

Do Not Touch Your Face

While it can be physically impossible to stop touching your face, especially when you watch a movie or when you listen to your teacher’s discussion, making a conscious effort to stop touching your face will do wonders in lessening the amount of dirt and germs in your face!

Hairstyle Matters

Certain hairstyles would irritate your face that can be prone to breakouts. One of these hairstyles is bangs. Stylish as it may seem, the frequent touching of your hair to your skin can promote more acne, especially in the forehead area. If you noticed more zits in your forehead when you had bangs, consider having another hairstyle.

Hopefully, the tips above can help you have clearer, smooth skin in no time!

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