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Fixing That Puffy Gummy Smile

People tend to get conscious when it comes to their smile. However, based on a survey between the dental and non-dental crowd, the judgment whether a smile is considered gummy still varies.



     A gummy smile occurs when too many gums are visible than normal whenever a person smiles. There are also certain cases wherein the teeth are shown even of the mouth is closed, which are also considered
as a gummy smile. Most of the time, the judgment on whether a person has a gummy smile depends on the perception of the audience and the patient themselves. When the patient feels bothered because of the
excessive gum display, which is the time that they seek treatment.

Causes of a Gummy Smile
A gummy smile is usually caused by any of the following:
Short Upper Lip
Hypermobile Lip
Wear and Compensatory Eruption
Altered Passive or Active eruption
Shape and Size of the Teeth and Lips
Gum Tissues

Non-Surgical Treatment of a gummy smile

People with gummy smiles tend to be more conscious when it comes to smiling, worrying that people might find their smiles ugly. Most patients with gummy smiles tend to undergo surgery like Lip Repositioning Surgery or Surgical Sculpting.

Aside from the common surgical procedure in fixing gummy smiles, there are also a few non-surgical procedures that could help.

  • Orthodontic Treatment: Use of tiny screws as temporary anchorage devices. Orthodontic Treatment makes use of the traditional brace method wherein mini-screws are used to intrude the maxillary dentition and modify the gummy smile. The brace aligned and fix the erupted teeth into its correct position, therefore minimizing or removing gum display.
  • Botox Injections: A method wherein Botox is injected on the upper lip, causing it to relax or hang loose, resulting in a
    lesser gum display whenever you smile.
  • Lip Filler Injection: A gel-like substance is injected on the upper lip, lightly augmenting the upper lips height, therefore showing lesser gum during a smile.


Gummy Smile Home Remedies
     A smile is considered gummy when there are too many gums being shown during a smile. Most people find it uncomfortable and choose to have their gummy smile treated. Treatment for gummy smiles varies from nonsurgical to surgical methods. However, there are also other ways that could cure gummy smiles within the comforts of your home.

  • The Face Yoga Method
    The Face Yoga method was created by Fumiko Takatsu, a form of facial muscle exercises that naturally tightens the skin, giving a younger-looking appearance. One of Fumiko’s students, Shiho, uses the face yoga method to fix her gummy smile.
  • Facial Massages
    Another home remedy for gummy smile is the facial massage wherein the upper and lower lip are regularly massaged inwards, towards each other.
  • Lip Plumper Suction Devices
    A lip plumper suction increases the size of the upper lip, therefore hiding more gum area. However, this method only lasts for a couple of hours and needs a constant touch up.
  • Myofunctional Therapy
    Myofunctional Therapy is a form of exercise-based treatment that makes a person more aware of their oral and facial muscles.
  • Smiling Exercise
    Smiling exercise help a person practice their smile, therefore letting them have control over how much they should smile. Having the ability to control the smile will also allow them to minimize the exposure of the gum by controlling the movement of the upper lip, hiding as much gum as possible.


     A person’s smile is very important in creating a good impression of others. However, gummy smiles have the tendency to lower their confidence due to their consciousness on how people will react upon seeing too many gums, which leads them to seek for different methods on how to cure or remove their gummy smiles, whether it be through natural, home remedies, or through non-surgical and surgical method.

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In essence

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8 Ways of Dealing with People You Don’t Like



It always helps to note that no one in this world is perfect, according to the author of “A Paperboy’s Fable: The 11 Principles to Success,” Deep Patel. That means that everyone, including you, is filled with various weaknesses and strengths that need to be considered when attempting to understand someone else.

Patel highlights several tips for dealing with people you don’t like. He asserts that it is essential for everyone to learn—and remember—these tips, especially since the failure to do so may only mean limiting oneself in the process.

Accept that you cannot deal with everyone

Patel says that it is normal not to like everyone. Each person has his own personality. Some may have a dominant personality, and others may have a timid one. However, this does not mean that you are a “bad person,” which does not mean that the other person is one.

Attempt to find positivity in the other’s words

It is always essential to give someone the benefit of the doubt. Not everyone is out to sabotage you, and you aren’t always about to hurt anyone, too. Hence, even when someone else says something hurtful, it may not be meant that way for the other person. Learning to pick through the other’s words of the other person may be helpful, as well.

Stay in touch with your emotions

Patel also mentions that our emotions play a significant role in understanding the people around us. Our feelings can affect how we view others. As they say, when you are in a bad mood, you also tend to see the world as ugly. In contrast, feeling good tends to make us see the world in a more benevolent light.

Try not to take things personally, and put some space

Taking things personally all the time can also hinder understanding. Emotions play a massive part in analysis. Staying objective lets us see the bigger picture and permit empathy to arise. Put some space between you and the person you don’t like, as well. This will further allow you to look at things more objectively.

Calmly express how you feel and find a referee

When you’re about to burst, try to relax yourself first. Spontaneity can be good at times, although saying what you feel when you feel so may further damage communication. Try to soften your words and say things in a quiet, relaxed voice. You can also find a mediator to help you communicate your thoughts better.

Choose your battles

Remember also that not all battles are worth your time. As they say, try not to go down to the other’s level. If you can still ignore them, then you are free to do so.

Never be defensive

Defensiveness means you are on your way to the losing end. It is always best to state facts and avoid having to explain everything you say. As long as you aren’t doing anything wrong, there shouldn’t be a reason for you to explain yourself to anyone.

You are in control of your own happiness

In the end, you are the one in control of yourself—and your own happiness. Never let anyone dictate how you act or feel. When you let others irk you to no end, you are merely allowing them to control you.

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Black Designers Celebrated During the Milan Fashion Week



Five designers were part of the Black Lives Matter campaign in the Italian fashion group of the event. A name inspired by the international movement trending worldwide as a form of protest against racial injustice. However, due to the pandemic, the event was one of the first fashion week’s virtual shows. The digital event named We are made in Italy was filmed at Milan’s grand Palazzo Clerici and hosted the summer/spring 2021 collections of Joy Meribel, Karim Daoudi, Mokudu Fall, Claudia Gisele Ntsama, and Fabiola Manirakiza. As Manirakiza was initially from Burundi, Mokodu Fall and Claudia Giselle Ntsama grew up with a family of tailors from Cameroon. At the same time, Karim Daoudi was born in Morocco, and Joy Meribel grew up in Nigeria. The five designers were mentored by the only black member of the Italian fashion council, Stella Jean. The Italian-Haitian was also campaigning against racism in the industry. According to Jean, Made in Italy used to represent itself around the world as a white concept. However, now it is no longer like this as the new Italy doesn’t want to be part of it.

Going against the grain

According to the Italian high fashion black designers, they believe that it is essential to show the world that Made in Italy doesn’t correspond to any particular color.  They want to abolish the prejudice of being Italian means being white. They claim that this world we live in is a world that only a few know of its existence, and even fewer are able to enjoy it. 

However, since the show was dedicated to black Italian designers of Milan’s fashion week for the first time, it’s debut was the marking point in the official calendar. A strong move of the organizers in the hope of highlighting the lack of diversity in the industry. 

According to Stella Jean, it is quite depressing to think that most Italian brands enjoyed by worldwide attention have a mass amount of influence on billions of people who don’t even realize that an entire generation in Italy is asking for a voice and space.

Jean demands that the sector governing body support black designers and have called out Italian fashion houses to confront racism.

Making a permanent mark

Some may even say that predominantly, Italy has shown blindness to horrifying racing hiding underneath its skin. 

Jean claims that it is unfair that some people remain invisible. Italian brands tend to pretend not to see them and give most of their attention in an inappropriate way towards the Black Lives Matter movements outside of Italy. Instead, they would focus on things happening in the United States while ignoring things happening in their own country. She believes that Italy has a serious racial problem, and if we don’t open the wound now to heal it, it will never heal. 

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