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An alternative to bottled water



Drinking bottled water seems simple and mundane to many people. However, this gesture is not without effects on health and the environment. Whether in terms of quality or economy, bottled water is not always the best choice. This is what the Nikken brand has understood. Thus, to avoid its daily use, it is important to opt for other alternatives.

 The harmful effects of bottled water

Scientists are unanimous on the considerable impacts of the water bottle on society. As a result, the consequences can be categorized into two parts.

About health

First, several chemicals are used in the production of bottled water. Indeed, these products are vectors of toxins that are harmful to the body. Also, the materials that were used in the manufacture of plastic such as oil, gas, etc. are very harmful to the human liver.

Due to the substances used, plastic water is able to make the immune system vulnerable. This water can cause an increased risk of cancer, endocrine disruption, and even reduced fertility.

Bottled water is generally not medically safe in its purest form. But, it undergoes transformations that are dangerous for the body of the consumer as well as that of the manufacturer.

Generally, large factories tend to show that this water is more drinkable than water from fountains. Plus, they embellish it to grab the attention of consumers. After several scientific studies carried out on bottled water, the results proved that it is only a well-embellished and dangerous container for humans.

In addition, the harmful products in the water bottle greatly affect pregnant women, children, and the elderly. This is explained by the fact that the latter has a more or less fragile organism. Many infections are the basis of infectious agents such as crytosporidiosis or gardia which are found in this water.

After consumption, it is often very difficult to recycle water bottles. Sometimes they are burnt and therefore poison the human lung. But in other cases, they are reused for other purposes and still pose a danger to humans. A European study to prove that the reuse of water bottles intoxicates three times more than its first use.

On the environment

Plastic water contributes sixty percent of the world’s pollution to both air and soil. Production plants generate tons of waste every year. The gases given off by the machines in these manufacturing plants contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer.

In addition, it is important to note that obsolete plastic products thrown in contact with the ground cause enormous damage to the latter. In some cases, the recycled water bottles are burned and then thrown into the sea. This waste pollutes the water and contributes to the gradual disappearance of certain species.

Alternatives to the plastic water bottle

There are several ways to make water other than bottled water.

The filter jug

This method has been around for several years and was designed to protect consumers from the presence of lead in tap water. This filtering technique has helped improve water quality. Indeed, it works with the help of an activated carbon filter made from coconut. However, to be safe from possible bacterial contamination, it is recommended to renew the cartridge on a monthly basis.

The filter bottle

Like the filter carafe technique, the filter bottle works on the same principle. However, it is easy to transport and its CO2 emissions are very low compared to the plastic water bottle. Very tenacious and aesthetic, it has a filter disc. The latter reduces the amount of chlorine and other chemicals present in tap water to give it a delicious taste.

Designed with rigid materials free of bisphenol, the filter bottle meets environmental protection standards. It contains a filtering device made from bamboo charcoal tubes. This system effectively removes chemicals and dirt.

One of the privileges that bamboo offers is its ability to grow quickly without the need for a large amount of water. With this capacity, the filter can be planted in a vegetable garden to help develop other plants. In addition, to avoid bacterial contamination, it is advisable to renew this filter every quarter.

The glass bottle

Using the glass bottle is one of the recommended alternatives for removing the chlorine taste from tap water. Thus, it implies that the storage of this water is done in a glass bottle. Then, it will have to be placed at room temperature for 12 hours plus an hour in the fridge. One of the special features of the glass bottle is that it does not contain germs. In addition, it represents a definite ecological advantage and can be used repeatedly.

Binchotan charcoal

Binchotan charcoal uses the same principle as that of water filtering. It considerably purifies water by providing it with mineral salts. It can last up to six months provided it is boiled after about twelve weeks.

The stainless steel bottle

The stainless steel bottle can be used to the detriment of the plastic bottle. This gourd drastically reduces the storage of microbes and the elimination of the chlorine taste from tap water. This is explained by its high content of natural elements such as nickel, chromium or iron. The stainless steel flask therefore does not contain any substance harmful to health such as bisphenol A (BPA).

Regarding its use, it is strongly recommended to wash the stainless steel bottle or rinse it properly before using it again. On the other hand, it would also be good to use an insulated water bottle.

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Advantages of online bakeries




In the modern world, after the advancement in online bakeries, they provide doorstep delivery to their customer’s doorstep. Apart from this, online bakeries also provide many facilities along with their service therefore, nowadays, the demand for online bakeries is increasing day by day. All people celebrate their celebrations however they are big or small, therefore, it is important to be a cake for celebrating celebrations in everyone’s life. Therefore, if you are planning for any occasion or celebration then you must go for the online cakes in Ludhiana and Chennai bakeries because they provide good quality that is very delicious in taste. After compromising this cake in your celebration, it will make a special and unforgettable moment in your life. 

Apart from this, for all special occasions, there are available various options of cakes to choose from. You can also get online cake delivery in Chennai and Ludhiana according to your preference from these online bakeries. Additionally, people can also avail the benefits of lots of advantageous facilities that are provided by online bakeries. Therefore, thousands of people order cakes every day for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, bon voyages, goodbye parties, or such small yet important celebrations or occasions. They can also deliver cakes to their dear ones and show their love and care to them. Generally, online bakeries are the best platform to express your love for the special ones in your life.

With online cake delivery in Chennai and Ludhiana bakeries, you can place your order and also get delivered the cake for all the essential parties and celebrations of your life. This will surely top up your celebrations. Celebrate the special moment of your life with your beloved ones through the delicious cake or mark the new beginning of your new life with a baby shower cake or promotion and also celebrate festivals. Hence, there is no negating that cakes express our feeling and love in the best possible way.

Here are mentioned some advantages of online bakery that are undermentioned: –

  1. Provides diverse options to choose from: – If we consider the best parts of online cakes in Ludhiana and Chennai bakeries then they provide diverse designs and flavors of cakes therefore, you can opt for the one you want to like to have. Online shopping offers a huge variety of cakes with their designs, flavors, and sizes. You can easily order a cake for different occasions and celebrations, such as birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, marriages, farewell, new year parties, etc.
  • Provides footstep delivery: – Generally, after the advancement in online bakeries, now they provide doorstep delivery to their online buyers within less time. Suppose that you get online cake delivery in Chennaiand Ludhiana without leaving the comfort of your home then this is an exotic experience for you. Additionally, you can also save time, effort, and money and use it on other essential work.


To conclude, now you know deeply about online cake delivery in Chennai and Ludhiana so place your next order from it.

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6 Reasons to Incorporate Seafood into Your Diet




6 Reasons to Incorporate Seafood into Your Diet

How many meals do you prepare with seafood each week? Whether you’re a pescatarian or a meat-lover, seafood can add some really amazing benefits to your meals. Not only do foods like tilapia and shrimp add flavor and substance, but it can be an incredibly healthy addition to your diet.

There are so many types of seafood and most of them have a unique flavor. Even different types of white fish can taste different, despite a similar flavor. Some popular seafood options include cod, halibut, salmon, tilapia, perch, and trout. Of course, there’s also lobster, crab, and shrimp.

If you’re looking for ways to prepare healthy meals you can enjoy, here are 6 of the best reasons to start cooking with seafood.

1. Seafood tacos are amazing

Most people like tacos, but there’s something extra amazing about fish tacos. You can’t replicate the flavor with beef or chicken – it just isn’t the same. The flavor is similar, but it’s too heavy. Fish tacos are lighter, and that makes certain flavor profiles stand out more. For instance, a creamy lime flavor is one of the best ways to enjoy this meal.

For example, one of the best ways to prepare seafood tacos is to combine lobster with cabbage, radish, garlic, and sour cream with cilantro and fresh lime squeezed on top. Lobster tacos with avocado and lime crema is the perfect recipe for every seafood lover.

2. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for brain health, among other things. Eating fish one or two times per week will give you enough omega-3 fatty acids. However, you can still eat fish more often than that and get bigger benefits.

Fish contains DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which supports brain and eye development. Doctors recommend fish to pregnant women for this reason.

Although fish is healthy, larger fish can be high in mercury. Ideally, you should eat smaller fish because they contain less mercury. Tuna, for example, is usually high in mercury, but salmon, sardines, and trout tend to contain less mercury.

3. Fish is high in essential nutrients

When you eat fish, you’ll get plenty of essential nutrients like protein, iodine, vitamin D, and other vitamins and minerals. Fish is an easy source of these nutrients because it doesn’t take much time to cook. You can toss a filet in a pan and fry it up in butter, oil, or even water in just about 20 minutes.

If you don’t have much time to cook, but you need a good source of nutrients, start adding fish to your meals at least three times per week. Fish is considered to be heart-healthy. According to data published by Healthline, over 40,000 men who ate fish every week had a 15% lower risk of heart disease.

4. Fish is versatile

Fish can be added to just about anything. It’s good by itself, in salads, soups, sandwiches, and more.

Have you ever had fish pasta? It’s actually quite good. Just like you can make pasta with tomato or alfredo sauce and meat, you can also make the same dishes with fish. Shrimp is especially delicious in most pasta dishes and makes them taste hearty.

Fish tastes amazing with just about any vegetable, sauce, or topping. You can make a fish salad topped with ranch dressing and cheese, or put cheese directly on your fish filet. You can make lighter dressings, like cilantro lime or lemon, or you can just eat a fish filet with pepper and lemon.

5. Fish goes great with side dishes

Side dishes that go well with fish include ratatouille, potatoes, risotto, French fries, South Indian lemon rice, and various slaws. Technically, you can eat fish with just about anything on the side because it’s so light, it rarely clashes with other foods.

6. It’s easy to find pre-cooked fish

One of the best reasons to add fish to your diet is that you can find pre-cooked fish. When you’re pressed for time, finding pre-cooked meals is important, and thankfully, there are plenty of pre-made fish dishes that only require being heated. Even shrimp comes pre-cooked, de-veined, and with the tail off for easy preparation.

Add variety to your meals with fish

If you’re looking for variety at the dinner table, try adding fish to your meals. In addition to easy cooking, fish is tasty, light, and nutritious. Once you start eating fish regularly, you may even start to like it better than beef and chicken.

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How Probiotics can Help Improve Your Health




Many people take supplements to improve their health in a variety of different ways. Some of the most popular supplements taken are those that improve digestive health. With 20 million Americans suffering from chronic digestive diseases, it’s no wonder so many people are looking for ways to heal their digestive system! There are many different kinds of supplements to improve gut health, and it is important to know what they each do in order to find the best one for you.

One of the most popular digestive supplements is probiotics. Found in yogurt, cheese, and other fermented foods, probiotics colonize the digestive tract and provide various health benefits. While these are typically considered safe, they could potentially pose a risk to people who are immunocompromised. 

Immunocompromised people can still take supplements to help their digestive health. These are known as immunobiotics and help trigger a stronger immune response but do not colonize in the body. These are a safer alternative to probiotics and can still provide similar health benefits. 

Prebiotics are another supplement, but these are not digested by the human body. Instead, these feed beneficial bacteria in the digestive system, keeping the bacteria healthy and encouraging the absorption of nutrients. These are typically found in high fiber foods like broccoli, yams, and apples.

Clearly digestive supplements work in a variety of ways to help improve your health. It is important to know how they work and the benefits they provide in order to understand which supplement can benefit you the most. Always make sure to consult your doctor before starting a new supplement or diet to make sure you stay healthy and safe. For more information, take a look at the infographic below:

Do Probiotics Really Work?: Why Probiotics are Necessary
Source: Nouri

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