How Poor Sleep Habits Can Affect Your Workout Results

Sleep is a very important part of staying healthy. A lot of people these days don’t get enough of it. And some people actually get too much of it. But regardless of how much you get, there are still some things you might be doing with your sleep pattern that is hurting your exercise routine. If you’re trying to see real results from your workouts, avoid these simple sleep mistakes.


We all do it. And I’m not here to judge. It’s hard to get up in the morning! But getting up a little early is the best way to fit in a workout. It’s always a lot harder to do it after work. So if you go to bed early enough and get a healthy night’s sleep, you’ll be more willing to wake up early in the morning and get that workout in. You can do it, I believe in you!


These days we all have pretty hectic lives. Whether it’s the lack of a traditional 9-5, multiple jobs, or family obligations (like multiple kids), there are a lot of things in our lives that make it hard to keep a routine. But a routine, and specifically a sleep routine is crucial to making sure you work out on a regular basis and therefore see results.

Not getting the same amount of sleep on a nightly basis can lead to high levels of fatigue that naturally leads to a lack of motivation. Also, when your internal body clock is on a steady routine, it will be more likely to release the proper amounts of important hormones like cortisol and adrenaline.


This happens to pretty much all of us. Our day-to-day lives get away from us and we start getting very little sleep because we don’t make it a priority. But sleep is crucial for muscle repair and letting your mind rest and relax. When your mind is refreshed, you’ll be more motivated to set goals and actually achieve them.

Not to mention the stress-relieving effects of quality sleep will keep you focused on what really matters. And being healthy really matters!


There’s nothing wrong with checking out for the weekend and using those precious two days to relax and do nothing. But you have to be careful and not rely on it too strongly. A lot of people will deprive themselves of sleep during the week because they know they’re just going to sleep all weekend long.

This is a terrible idea. At the very least you will be much more likely to not bother working out on the weekends. But in addition to that, the varying sleep schedule can end up drastically affecting your energy and motivation levels for your weekday workouts.

In the end, none of this should really come as a surprise to you. Sleep is important! We all know that. And while anyone and everyone should make a point to get healthy amounts of sleep, it’s especially important if you find yourself wanting to see more results from your exercise. So if you want to start fitness-ing better start sleeping better!