What Overeating Really Does To Your Body

Eating is fun and once you start eating sometimes it gets really hard to stop. Especially if you’re eating something really good, which usually means fattening or bad for you. If you let yourself go nuts on one thing then before you know it you’ll be slamming ding dongs and ho hos in between chugging a 47 oz milkshake.

Once you let your diet slip a little bit, it’s easy to let your nutrition plan completely fall apart. Yeah, you know overeating is naughty but going nuts every once in a while isn’t that bad right? Well not necessarily. To understand why overeating is bad you need to understand what it actually does to your body.

In this article, we will lay out for you exactly how overeating hurts your body to help make you really second guess yourself next time you think you deserve a real binge session.


Sure, overeating one night won’t hurt you too bad, but if that one night turns into a week then kiss those washboard abs goodbye. You will soon have a beer belly instead of that 6-pack you’ve worked so hard to attain. Your body deals with extra calories in one way, it turns them into fat. For every 3,500 of excess calories, you consume you will gain a pound of fat. So if you binge and binge and binge just expect your tummy to start expanding.


When you add body fat then you’re adding to the risk of getting diabetes. Insulin resistance is very real and is a precursor to diabetes. You want your body to be able to convert blood glucose into energy without your intervention. The scary thing is you can become insulin resistant in just a few days.

If you return to your normal diet than your body can repair itself, but if you stay on the track of overeating then diabetes is a real threat to your own body. No one wants to get diabetes and the best way to avoid this debilitating disease is to take care of yourself which of course means not overeating.


A science test on mice found that when they were overfed for long enough then their body stopped producing the chemical that goes to their brain and signals to them that they are full. So that means if they’re constantly being overfed they learn to eat more and more without feeling satiated.

We all know in science that if it works for mice it usually works for us as well. So if you continue to overeat you will figure out a way to blow by your goal of eating a healthy number of calories because your body will continue to feel hungry no matter how much you have eaten.

If you feel like you’re having trouble feeling full then try to add more fruits and vegetables into your diets along with whole grains because all that fiber is a jumpstart to your stomach that will immediately let your brain know that you are feeling nice and full.

Overeating may be fun, but it can lead to serious problems. Obviously, the best way to avoid these problems is to never overeat but if you find yourself going off the rails then maybe it’s time to put the work in to get back on track.