Foods You Should Never Eat Before Going To Sleep

Everyone has had that experience of being hungry right before turning in for the night. But what should you eat when you feel this craving? Some people just grab a microwavable chili-cheese dog and slam it down before hitting the sack. Then a few hours into their slumber they wake up with a horrible stomach ache and heartburn making it almost impossible to go back to sleep. That is the worst thing you can do. Sure you’re not hungry anymore but your body aches and you feel like you want to throw up.
The next time you’re feeling hungry before bed make a sensible choice and eat the right thing that will not disrupt your precious sleep cycle. But what’s good and what’s bad? The answers aren’t as obvious as you may think. So here are some foods that you should definitely avoid if you want to get some good sleep.


I know, this sounds obvious to everyone. If your bedtime snack is a triple espresso or a 32-oz energy drink then you are probably disrupting your sleeping patterns in a major way. But there is caffeine in some things that you might not know. For instance, chocolate contains caffeine as well as black tea. Check the label of whatever you’re about to snack on before bed to make sure it doesn’t contain any caffeine. Also, caffeine sticks around in your body for up to eight hours making you undoubtedly extend your bedtime beyond what your body needs to get a good night rest. So lay off the caffeine early so you can catch that elusive shut eye.


People associate alcohol with making them pass out. While it is definitely true that alcohol will make you fall asleep, it also leads to you becoming restless when you close your eyes. Tossing and turning all night is not something most people associate with a restful sleep so if you really need a good night’s slumber then you should lay off the booze the night before. That way you will be able to lay down, close your eyes and sleep soundly.


Sugar gives you energy which if you didn’t know, is something that you will probably want to avoid. No one needs a sugar rush before bed. If you’re looking for a snack make sure that it doesn’t contain sugar. A lot of products are packed with sugar that you would never think, so always check the label to make sure that you’re not fueling your body with some quick energy instead of giving your tummy something to help make it content so you can rest all night long.


Spicy Foods
Spicy foods taste delicious but they lead to heartburn. Acid reflux is a horrible way to get your rest disturbed. You wake up with your chest on fire from the acid in your esophagus. Heartburn hits more often when you are laying down so if you crash out for the night then the heartburn is more likely to kick in. Don’t add to the problems by eating spicy foods before bed time as well.