Five Things You Should Stop Eating For Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so stick to healthy options. You need a protein packed breakfast, filled with nutrients because this meal will fuel your entire day.   Too many people either skip breakfast altogether or make poor decisions on what to eat. These bad choices will wreak havoc on your entire day, and most people don’t even realize it. A well-balanced breakfast will set you up for success in your day and to your overall health.

We all grew up with people telling us to eat healthy in the morning but we are bombarded with unhealthy options at every turn. Make the right selection in the morning and ditch these five unhealthy choices.


Muffins have been lying to you for years, they are far from a healthy way to start your day. Look at muffins the same way you look at cupcakes, as a once in a while treat. They are a terrible breakfast as they are mostly carbs and sugar. The only difference between cupcakes and muffins are icing. Some muffins even have a sugar filled crumble top, which is basically a dry icing.   Steer clear of muffins with chocolate chips and dried fruits, these are just sugar landmines you have placed in your body. Instead, try a nice slice of wheat toast with some avocado on it, or maybe an English muffin with a light spread of honey.


Who doesn’t love a big bowl of Lucky Charms in the morning? Your doctor, most likely. Children have long craved sugary breakfast cereals and the brands have marketed directly to them. These breakfast cereals have targeted children since the inception of Tony the Tiger for Frosted Flakes. These cereals have almost no nutritional value as they are packed with sugar and carbohydrates.   Let’s ditch these sugary cereals and chose a healthier option like oatmeal or just plain Cheerios.   Kids need a healthy start so don’t let the cartoon characters sell them down the wrong path.


Pancakes are delicious and that’s why they are terrible for you. What a bad way to start your day by loading up on refined flour and sugar. Pancakes pack almost zero nutritional value and load you up with carbohydrates and sugar. I’m sensing a pattern, maybe sugar and carbs are bad for breakfast. Sure pancakes have their place, most likely for a special occasion or if you are on vacation. If you must have pancakes try to use wheat flour and add some berries instead of using syrup. At least you will get some nutrients and not load up on sugar.


Ah, the breakfast drink of choice, orange juice has been fooling people for years. Sure vitamin C is a great way to start your day, but the added sugar is just clogging you up. Juice, in general, can be loaded with sugar, even if you buy all natural and sugar-free. The juices jack your blood sugar levels up and over time can cause diabetes.   The sugar in juice will also make you hungrier, faster and then you eat more, so it’s a lose-lose situation. Instead, drink a nice glass of almond milk or water. Water is always a good choice, not just in the morning.


Jellies and jams have been a breakfast staple for years and we had no clue how bad it was for us. Jellies and jams are preserved fruits, usually with added sugars. Loading up on jams can pack on the pounds around your waist in no time flat.  These carb-heavy breakfasts are terrible for you and the worst way to start your day. Instead of slavering on that jelly, try spreading avocado on that toast, or some tasty coconut oil.

Ditch these five foods and your breakfast will be so much healthier.