With unrelenting frigid chills, cold wind and perpetually dropping humidity winter sure does take a toll on our skin. Whether exposed or not skin needs extra TLC this time of year. Here are some life hacks for your dried, flaky and cracked skin. 

Your daily bath could be helping to dry out your skin, scalding water breaks down the surface lipids that keep your skin moisturized. Set a timer for 10 minutes when you settle in, and lower the temperature of the water a bit. For extra dry reddish skin put half of a cup of dried rolled oats in a cheesecloth and drop it in the bath. Oats contain anti-inflammatory avenanthramides which soothe the skin. 

To get an effective moisturizing treatment shut yourself in your bathroom, with windows closed and fan off and crank the shower to it’s hottest temperature. Sit in the steam for five to ten minutes and then use your favorite moisturizer to lock in the hydration. Need to exfoliate a dry scalp? Add one teaspoon of sugar to your shampoo and massage thoroughly scuff away dead skin and nourish the scalp.  

Are you active out of doors in the winter? Do you have problems with severely dry or cracked skin on your hands? Try slathering Vaseline on your hands and then putting on a pair of cotton gloves. The Vaseline traps the sweat on the hands to create a natural moisturizer. If you already have cracked skin on your hands or your feet you can seal them up with non-toxic superglue. Squeeze one or two drops on the crack and hold it closed for 30 to 60 seconds until the sides bond. When the glue softens peal it away and the crack should be healed. 

Most of us use a moisturizing lip balm in the winter to protect our lips and have no idea it has other uses. Dab a healing lip balm on flaky eyebrows or dry elbows. Using one with natural emollients like shea butter or petrolatum will offer the best results. Using coconut oil as a makeup remover will melt away the most stubborn waterproof formulas, massaging gently into your lids and eyelashes for 20 will add extra moisture.