Why You Might Have Trouble Focusing

Focusing isn’t always easy. When you can do it it’s no problem, but when you can’t focus and you need to it can be extremely frustrating. Being focused isn’t just something you can do all of the sudden as there are always distractions everywhere. Even if you’re sitting in a quiet room staring at a wall, your mind might become its own distraction and start to wander.
For many people that can’t focus they are often left wondering why.
We talked to our health experts and figured out a few reasons as to why you may be having trouble when it comes to focusing.


Poor Sleep
If you’re not getting enough shut eye then you will most likely have trouble working. You really need to make sure you get those 8 hours a night so that you can really take charge the next day and actually be productive instead of stuck in a world of wandering thoughts.



If you’re hungover then it’s hard to keep your mind on track when you have to devote so much effort just to not ralphing all over your office. Lay off the sauce if you want to be able to accomplish your goals the next day. There are many good reasons not to drink including how much it disrupts your focus the next day. One drink a night is fine but once you put down eighteen shots you can kiss your focus and dinner goodbye.


Too Much Sugar
Have you ever seen a kid get a sugar rush? They sure don’t look too focused, do they? They’re running around, bouncing off the walls and shaking their heads in complete pandemonium. If that’s what happens to kids when they eat sugar, why wouldn’t you expect it to happen to you as well? Your focus gets shot when you’re chowing down on sweets or chugging down sodas.


When you’re not totally chilled out then your mind is racing about all the things you’re stressed about. You can’t focus when you’re distracted by other pressing issues. You need to figure your stuff out and work on some deep breathing techniques so that you can chill and be able to accomplish your matters at hand so you can relieve some stress. If you can’t focus then your stress is only going to build and that is not a good thing.


Strong Emotions
When you’re feeling strong emotions due to some outside circumstances then it’s hard to pay attention to anything else. All you can think about is how happy or mad or sad you are because of whatever reason is making you feel that way. This is another great time to work on some quick meditation techniques that can help keep you grounded in a time of need. Feeling strong emotions is totally unavoidable and it’s okay to experience them because that is just part of life. But you also need to know how to push those emotions temporarily to the side so that you can focus.