Why Warming Up Is A Must

Why does it seem like warming up and stretching is the hardest part of your gym day? When you hit the gym to workout it’s so easy to hop right into working your body as hard as you can right away without giving yourself time to stretch and warm up properly. You’ll warm up a lot quicker if you’re working really hard right away than you will with boring old stretching.

Plus stretching at the gym can be kind of embarrassing. Everyone is pumping weights and you’re against a wall stretching a hammy while trying not to fall over. It may not be the most glamorous part of working out, but to be fair, your excessive grunting and accidental farts while weight lifting really isn’t that glamorous either.

So take some time out to really put some effort into warming up first so your body can give 110% during your workout and start recovering immediately after. Here is exactly why your body needs a good warming up before your exercise routine.


Your muscles are better prepared to do their job when they have more blood circulating through them. When you are resting your blood is actually not circulating through your muscles as much as they are when they’re warmed up. In rest mode your muscles are really resting and so to throw them into the middle of a workout is damaging to your muscles because they’re not primed up with a bunch of blood pumping through them.

If you do some light cardio and stretching then the muscles get some good circulation going which prepares them to take off once you really start working them out.


When you use a muscle it both uses and creates calcium ions. So when you work out a muscle you need to make sure that there are calcium ions around for your muscle fibers to use so that you can perform at the high level you expect from your body. Warming up helps load your muscles up with calcium ions so you can use all of your muscle fiber and really kick some butt in your hard workout routine. The difference between being warmed up and hopping in cold will astound you.


An injury is very common in people who don’t work out. The whole point of going to the gym is to work on your body, but it’s impossible to work on anything when you’re injured. Avoid injury so you can make all these workouts worth it and lead to you being your best self. Injury leads you to be your horizontal self which nobody wants.


You need to make sure that you’re warming up the muscles you’re about to use. Don’t go for a jog before you do your arm workout. Because you’ve just warmed up your legs to work your arms. That doesn’t make any sense. Instead, if you’re working on your arms try a shoulder warm up.

If you’re working on your legs then try going for a jog. Also, try to make sure that your warm-up isn’t so intense that it takes away from your actual workout. Make the warm-up light on intensity so you can go hard on those weights, bro!