Why Reusing That Plastic Water Bottle Could Have You Reusing The Bathroom

Sometimes buying a bottle of water is just the only option that makes sense. Sure you feel a bit guilty about throwing a disposable water bottle, but we’ve all done worse. Usually, you like to use a reusable bottle of water but it can be just too inconvenient or impractical.

A lot of times we try to make up for our non-eco-friendly choice by taking the disposable bottle and refilling it when we’re done. With each refill, our conscious gets a little bit lighter. Well bad news, because while it’s nice to reuse your bottle, new studies show that it’s also a health risk.


Chemicals Aren’t to Blame

There have been a bunch of emails that have floated around all of our inboxes thanks to that one paranoid co-worker. The emails usually said that plastic bottles contain chemicals that are said to be carcinogens which are just false. For one, plastic bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) which has been tested to make sure it is not harmful to humans. Secondly, the chemicals listed in these emails usually aren’t even carcinogens. So once again, that paranoid co-worker is wrong. Feel free to mock them ruthlessly or go ahead and take this opportunity to not force yourself to have a conversation with them.


Bacteria is the Bad Guy

Oh, how sweet it would be if it was a big conspiracy big plastics have to try and murder all humans on earth. Sadly, there is no diabolical plastic man looking to bring about the apocalypse. The real reason you shouldn’t reuse plastic bottles is simple: bacteria. Any water bottle left unwashed can carry gross bacteria that can make you sick.


But don’t Reusable Water Bottles Collect Bacteria as Well?

Yes, they do. You’re right, your reusable bottles can and probably do contain bacteria levels as well. The main difference is that reusable bottles are made, as their name suggests, to be reused. This means that you can wash it to get all the bacteria out, but even if you don’t the reusable water bottle will not deteriorate just because you drank water out of it and filled it back up. Disposable plastic bottles fall apart after you finish your water and when the bottle breaks down it leaves plenty of space for bacteria to come chill out. Basically, disposable water bottles have an open door policy with bacteria that can be a serious health risk.



Alright I’ll Buy A Reusable Plastic Water Bottle ASAP

WAIT!!! You don’t have to buy plastic. Plastic water bottles may contain BPA which makes hormones act all screwy, and like we said before, plastic reusable bottles can still contain bacteria.


Great then What Should I Buy, Smart Guy?

First off, thanks for calling me a smart guy. If you read that as sarcasm then you are a negative person. Anyway, I would suggest buying stainless steel bottles because they tend to be insulated. An insulated metal water bottle keeps bacteria out while keeping your water cold. Keep water healthy for you, because that’s the only reason we drink boring old water.