Why am I Always Hungry?

Being hungry is supposed to be a sign from your body that you need nourishment, but often times the signals get mixed. I’m sure you’ve eaten dinner then minutes later you feel hungry again. Why is that? Well, there are multiple reasons why you are hungry.

Some of us have larger appetites than others and some of us just aren’t eating the right foods. Often times your hunger is actually something else, so let’s explore some reasons why we just can’t stop eating. In our non-stop world we live in, eating is something that happens fast and quick, which is almost never a good option.


I get hunger pains at the oddest times and for years I thought I had something wrong with me, it turns out I’m not alone.   There are some small changes you can make to your daily consumption that will drastically curb your hunger and maybe drop some much needed pounds. It’s never easy dieting and when you are constantly hungry, you are fighting a losing battle. Here are the tips I found that help control your appetite.


Balance nutrition

Often times we aren’t eating balanced meals, so after you eat, your body is still craving much-needed nutrients.   If you are not eating a wide variety of foods daily, then you are missing out on some much needed sustenance.   Your body is still hungry because it wasn’t satisfied with whatever you just ate, so to fix this, try balancing out your meal. Are you getting enough protein? This is lacking in most people’s meals and protein is what keeps you feeling full.


Eat more often

The old three meals a day rule is out of date. We are constantly on the go and should be eating a few hundred calories every few hours. Try and jam at least 5 smaller meals into a day, with some light snacks as needed. This will curb any lingering hunger. Healthy snacks are your friend, so if you munch on a few carrots, who cares, they are great for you.



Many times the body’s signals get switched or misunderstood. When you feel hungry, you may just be thirsty. I always start each meal by drinking a whole glass of water, this makes me eat less and quenches any thirst you had. How do you know if you are drinking enough water? Well, that’s simple, check the color of your pee. If you pee a light yellow or clear, you are hydrated. If it’s dark yellow or smells strongly, consider yourself dehydrated.



Stay away from simple carbohydrates and sugars as these will not satiate your hunger and actually will make you eat more. Eating these simple sugars, which all carbs eventually turn into, give you a spike of energy followed by a crash. This is where your body searches for nutrients again.



Being tired and sleep malnourished will cause your body to crave energy producing foods. That’s why when you are tired you crave chocolate and sugar, both will give you a quick burst of juice. Sleep at least 6-8 hours a day and your hunger pains will fade away into the night sky.



Stress can cause you to overeat and constantly feel hungry. Your body deals with stress differently so try and relax, maybe that will help your hunger. Stress makes your body crave sugar and fatty foods, both are not what you want to eat to feel better.


Hopefully by following these simple little tricks you can stop being so damn hungry all the time.


Photos courtesy of AuthorityNutrition, Philiphimself, Health, water, pinterest