Why am I Always Hungry?

Losing weight is a constant battle with yourself and your hunger. So why am I always so hungry and how can I curb my insatiable appetite? We found 10 reasons why you may be hungry and ways you can fix your hunger issues for good.


Why am I hungry?

When your stomach is empty or your blood sugar gets low, your body releases a hormone called ghrelin that tells your brain to eat, so how can we halt this transmission? Once full, your body releases a hormone called leptin, which tells your body to stop eating.

So now that we know the technical reason why you are hungry, lets look at some real world reasons you feel hungry.


Not enough nutrients

Quite simply, your body isn’t getting the proper nutrients it needs so it’s searching for proper nourishment. Eat the right amount of proteins and healthy fats so your body has the fuel it needs. Eating protein fools your body into feeling full for longer because they take longer to digest.


Missing sleep

When you short yourself on sleep, your body automatically produces extra ghrelin to make up for the sleep deficiency. Getting the right amount of sleep curbs your hunger. Being tired makes you crave unhealthy foods high in sugar because you know these will give you a quick boost. Sleep more and eat less, seems pretty simple.


No breakfast

Skipping breakfast obviously makes you hungry, so your body starts craving foods. Getting a healthy breakfast in is essential to weight loss and keeping those hunger pains away.


Low blood sugar

Stop eating all those refined sugars and processed foods because they cause your blood sugar to spike then crash soon after. These spikes and crashes cause ghrelin to be produced, causing hunger. Eat more balanced meals and less of those processed foods and your blood sugar won’t spike.


Stressed out man

Stress causes people to eat as a coping mechanism so stay stress free and eat less. Obviously that’s near impossible so instead be aware that you stress eat and try to have healthy snack around.


Weird eating habits

When you stray from your normal diet routine and eat poorly, your body assumes this is the new norm and wants these bad foods. Once you have a high sugar meal or snack, your body wants more, it’s like an addiction. We need to break our sugar addiction and focus on healthy snacks.


Diet sodas

Diet sodas may be the worst things you can drink for an actual diet. The artificial sweeteners used in diet sodas actually make you hungrier and crave real sugar. So by drinking these false diet sodas, you end up eating more.


Speed eater

Slow down and enjoy each bite or you may end up hungrier than when you started eating. Eating fast doesn’t allow your body enough time to tell the brain it’s full. This delay can be enough time to seriously overeat.


Healthy food adjustments

Eating healthy often makes you feel hungrier because your body isn’t getting all the bad foods it’s become accustomed to. Breaking your body of its sugar addiction won’t be easy but it will be great for you.


Working out harder

When you push yourself in your workouts your body needs more fuel, so you are usually hungrier. This is normal and it’s telling you to get more nourishment in there to aid in recovery.


Now that you know why you are hungry, you should be able to handle it better. Let’s finally beat this hunger into submission.