Which Nut is Worth Cracking?

Nuts are excellent sources of protein and make great snacks, well at least most of them. Not all nuts are created equally so this helpful guide will help you decide which nuts are worth the crack. Don’t be fooled by some nut’s healthiness, others may be terrible for you. So which nut is worth the crack?

Nuts in general are awesome, they are packed full of nutrients, proteins and heart-healthy fats. This is a simple pros and cons list of all the nuts you’ll encounter.


Good for Diet

The best nuts for your diet are Almonds, Cashews and Pistachios. Nuts in general are all around the same in calories per ounce, so what’s the major difference? Well, these three nuts are lowest in calories per ounce. Almonds are lowest at 160 calories per ounce, with cashews and pistachios a close second. Avoid nuts that are packaged with oil or salt, instead get raw or dry roasted.


Worst for Diet

Some nuts on the other hand are terrible for your diet and they include macadamia and pecans. These nuts contain the highest amount of fat and lowest amount of protein, so they are almost worthless. Sure they may taste delicious but these nuts should be cut out of your diets immediately.


Best for Heart

Heart healthy walnuts are great for your diet and your heart. Full of alpha linoleic acid, which is an omega-3 fatty acid, found in plants that helps the heart.


Best for Brain

Peanuts are technically a legume but commonly referred to as a nut. They are the best brain food you can eat having lots of folate, a mineral that helps brain development. Also full of healthy fats and vitamin E that helps brain functions. Eat peanuts for a healthy brain.


Best for Men

Brazil nuts contain an enzyme that is awesome at protecting against prostate cancer. You only need to eat one a day, so chomp down fellas and help prevent prostate cancer.


Best Nut Butter

If you want a great butter spread all you have to do is read the ingredients. A good nut butter should only have nuts and maybe salt in them. That’s all you need so anything else should not be in there. I like a good organic nut butter from my local health food store. Many whole foods will grind down some nut butter fresh for you. If it’s truly natural nut butter, once it’s open, you’ll need to keep it in the refrigerator.


Worst Nut Butter

Stay away form the bigger names and nut butter geared towards children. Any nut butter that has hydrogenated oils is ones to stay away from. Any nut butter that has too many ingredients should be left on the shelf. Most of these add chemicals and ingredients to increase its spreadability and keep it from separating.


Ways to Eat Nuts

If you want all you can get out of your nut choice, you should pair them with a healthy carb. Nuts slow down digestion and helps break down sugars, so eating them with carbs makes sense.


Eat the right nuts and your waistline will thank you.