Where Are They Now? The American Gladiators

For the first half of the 90’s, American Gladiators was one of the biggest shows on television. People from all over the country tuned in every week to watch Joe and Jane Schmo attempt to beat the gladiators themselves in various games of strength and agility. And one of the main draws of the show was the different personalities of the gladiators. They all had their own style and flare, and every viewer had their favorite. But the show ended in 1997 and we haven’t really seen or heard from our gladiators since! Here’s what they’ve been up to since the show ended.


Gemini’s real name is Michael Horton. He was one of the bigger names among the gladiators and was actually their captain for much of his 80 episodes. His most notable performance since was as a security in the Saturday Night Live-inspired film Night at the Roxbury. Also, his youngest son Wes is currently a defensive end for the Carolina Panthers.


Jim Starr is the man behind one of the longest-running gladiators, Laser. He has found a lucrative career in the fitness world since the show ended. Most specifically he is the director of product development for the Minnesota-based gym chain Life Time Fitness.


Nitro’s real name is Dan Clark, and he just might be the most successful gladiator. He’s appeared on numbers shows and movies like, Ellen, Walker, Texas Ranger, and Saved by the Bell. He has also written two books (one about his time as a gladiator and one about surviving a heart attack) and started a mud run that helps raise money for the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes, a charity for veterans.


Blaze’s real name is Sha-Ri Pendleton-Mitchell. She now lives a comfortable life in Bellflower, California where she is a teacher and track coach at St. John Bosoco High School. In fact, her son Re-Al is a sophomore and a budding track star himself.


Ice was one of the more popular gladiators and was portrayed by Lori Fetrick. She made multiple other TV appearances during the show’s run, including ones on Ellen and Who’s the Boss? Today, she actually does seminars around the country on wellness and financial success.


Sabres was the man. And that the man behind the man, was named Red Williams. He also had one of the biggest single successes outside of the show, starring as “Jax” in the 1997 movie Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. What’s he doing today? Believe it or, not he teaches scripture in San Pedro, California and is a grandfather of three!