What You Should Know About A Woman Who Loves Being On Her Own

A strong, independent woman can take care of herself and does not allow a man to affect her stability or her self-confidence. She enjoys being on her own and in charge of her own life. Dating an independent woman can bring a few challenges, but the reward makes it more than worth it. If you are dating, or thinking about dating, an independent woman there are just a few things you should know.


She is emotionally strong. An independent woman won’t depend on you to fulfill her every need. She’s used to relying on herself, making her emotionally strong. She doesn’t need you to fight her battles, she can fight them on her own. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t need you at all. And you will appreciate her strength when you two are going through hard times.


She’s not going to ask for your permission. Don’t expect her to call you every time she decides to go out with her friends. Because she is used to doing what she wants, when she wants, she will do her own thing, often without letting you know. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t care. After the relationship develops, she will most likely start to let you in more often. It’s a good thing to have separate interests and if you want it to work you should encourage her to keep pursuing her own interests.


She may be more reserved at first. In the early stages of the relationship she’ll probably be more reserved about the things that are important to her. As things move on and you get to know her better, you’ll slowly be let into her inner world.


She enjoys good conversation. An independent woman enjoys actual conversations. She will want you to listen, and participate, not just stare and zone out when she’s talking.


She wants you, but she doesn’t necessarily need you. An independent woman wants to spend time with you, but she won’t be needy. She has no problem being on her own, and actually enjoys the time alone. This means that when she wants to be in your company, she’s truly enjoying it.


She still needs time to be alone. Just because she’s decided to be with you, doesn’t mean she no longer wants to spend time alone. An independent woman is used to spending time alone and has come to treasure this time. It helps her re-energize so that your time together will be quality time.