What the Whole30 Diet is all About

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 6 months, you’ve heard about the new trendy diet plan, the Whole30. For those of us behind the curve, the Whole30 is a new diet plan that tries to fix our sugar addictions and reliance of processed foods in general.


What is it?

The Whole30 is a strict 30-day weight loss/reboot program that makes the users ditch their favorite things like dairy, alcohol, sugar, processed foods, grains and legumes. Sounds pretty serious, like cutting out all the food you eat except vegetables and meat.

The Whole30 is basically the Paleo Diet with a few minor tweaks. The Whole30 however restricts sugar totally where the Paleo allows raw sugar. Whole30 also doesn’t allow recreating your cheat foods like candy with fruits or other permitted foods. Paleo also recommends grass-fed meats where Whole30 makes no such suggestion.



Dallas And Melissa Hartwig of Salt Lake City started Whole30 in 2009. They are both licensed nutritionists and started the plan as a way to try something different and help with Dallas’ chronic shoulder issues.

Many people in their nutritionist field don’t agree with the Hartwigs plan, mainly because the odd banning of healthy grains and legumes. Whether other nutritionists agree or not, the trend has picked up major speed. The Hartwig’s social media accounts have blown up and become wildly popular. The brand has its own hashtags like #iamwhole30 and #whole30recipes and their accounts are gaining followers by the boatload.

If you are serious about this diet, the Hartwigs suggest you get rid of all the food in your house that doesn’t meet the requirements and go grocery shopping. You may be surprised how much food you’ll have to get rid of, but the results will be worth it.



You will be cranky and moody for a short time when starting this radical diet program. Your body will be detoxing from the lack of sugar but hold strong this will pass. Most people say the moodiness and crankiness lasts up to two weeks but by that time your clothing is fitting better and your sugar and carb cravings are all but gone.


Involve your friends

Many people complain about how their friends and family react to the major lifestyle change but you must stay strong. Its best to involve your close friends and family so that you all can go through this together. Sharing recipes and words of encouragement go a long way to help your diet progress.


Weight loss vs health

Whole30 doesn’t make claims that you will lose weight, instead it says you will improve your overall health substantially. The key here isn’t losing weight initially, it’s freeing yourself from the sugar and carb cravings that our bodies have become so dependant on.



This diet plan isn’t easy, but with these helpful tips, anyone can conquer it.


Plan Ahead

Meal planning is key for this diet to work, so get your meal planning on and save yourself the trouble later.


Spice it up

Missing the sugar and processed foods, try adding some spices. The added spices will keep your food tasting interesting and make it easier to stay on the diet.


No more Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Instead think of them as meal 1,2 and 3. This will give you more options instead of just eating breakfast foods for meal #1.


Cheating is ok

It’s ok to cheat as long as it’s not an everyday thing, keeping on track is more important than being 100 percent.


If this Whole30 diet sounds appealing, check it out and give it a try.