We all have that one friend who is always on the front lines of health trends and seems to lean a little close to the hippie side, so I’m sure you’ve at least heard of Kombucha. The fizzy beverage may look weird but the cultured tea has plenty of health benefits. Check out this informative article before you try Kombucha, know exactly what you are drinking first and the surprising health benefits.


What is it?

Basically Kombucha is sweetened tea that is fermented by a starter culture similar to a mushroom, creating the popular fizzy drink with tons of health benefits. Simple tea is fermented with microbes that include a starter culture, which is a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY for short). It’s often called a mushroom but it isn’t related to the fungus at all, but it certainly looks like one. The yeast and bacteria create a mushroom looking organism, which is actually alive.



Kombucha has been around since 220 BC in China and it was used as a medicine back then. The ancient Chinese knew about the healing powers of the tangy beverage and so should you.



The benefits to your digestive system are numerous including the fact that it has probiotics just like yogurt and kimchi. The good bacteria helps improve your digestion and boosts your immunity. Keeping you healthy longer and adding all the healthy bacteria your intestines need.



Kombucha isn’t just a trendy drink it has numerous health benefits and is packed with nutrients and antioxidants. Being rich in B vitamins and folic acid adds to kombucha’s ability to help the body grow new cells. These nutrients will help your body detoxify and give a boost in energy.


Healthy Diet

Obviously this fizzy tea drink is better than sodas and other sugary drinks, so it has health benefits. Drinking it feels like a treat but since it’s healthy, this is a great snack for people on diets. Drinking this stuff should get you on your way to a healthy diet.


Other interesting facts

Watch out for sugar

Many people make their own kombucha at home by simply buying a starter culture and brewing your own tea. This is the best way to ensure you know exactly what is in it. Many pre-bottled kombuchas will have high levels of sugar, which counteract the drink’s healthiness.



Since Kombuchas are made with tea, they contain caffeine so these are great ways to get a healthy jolt. Although the caffeine levels are low,around 25mg compared to coffees 95mg, Kombucha is still a great way to wake up.



These drinks do contain small amount of alcohol since they are fermented. The longer you let them ferment the higher the alcohol content, although they rarely get very high. The average Kombucha contains around a sixth of a light beer’s worth of alcohol.


Give Kombucha a try, you may like the way it tastes but I guarantee you will like the way it makes you feel.  Welcome to the future, from a drink from our ancient past.