What are the Dirtiest Areas in your Kitchen?

It’s interesting that we are reluctant to eat at a restaurant that has a low cleanliness score, when our own kitchens are crawling with germs. You may be surprised to learn which areas in your own kitchen are the dirtiest. Let’s stop the spread of germs and bacteria by cleaning the filthiest parts. It’s time do something about our messiest and most disgusting kitchen areas. Food illnesses are on the rise and the only way to curb them is by cleaning up.


Cutting boards

Cutting boards are some of the grossest things in your kitchen, period. Just think about it, you cut all sorts of food on those and the knife actually cuts into the board, causing bacteria to build up in the slices. The key is to clean your cutting board immediately with super hot water and antibacterial soap. Everyone should use cutting boards, but just make sure they are clean before you use them.


Your Fridge

Your fridge is just a bacteria Petri dish where germs and other gross things mingle in cool temps. These cooler temperatures actually harbor these germs in the perfect climate for them to flourish. The important thing in fridges is to store your food properly so there is no cross contamination. Keep your raw meat on the lowest shelf so drippings don’t mix into your other foods. Proper food storage is key to staying healthy and not getting food borne illnesses.



Sponges and dish towels are used to clean up your kitchen, but how clean are they actually? They collect debris and germs, which is what they are supposed to do, but they rarely get cleaned themselves. After you use a sponge, it’s important that they dry properly so you don’t get mold in your sponge.  Also make sure to clean them properly with bleach to kill all germs and bacteria.

Dishtowels are used to dry things but they often catch all the gross stuff in your kitchen, so maybe wash them more often. I try to change them more often than I change my sheets, which is once a week.



Sinks are gross in general and kitchen sinks seem to catch all the nasty stuff. A good rule of thumb is that when things are wet, they are gross. Germs can live in a sink for days and they are rarely cleaned with bleach. Remember that bleach kills all germs and is a helpful tool in your home.


Pet’s areas

Pets attract bugs and germs, they just do. Your animal’s food will attract bugs, and they undoubtedly spill food so now your floors are gross.



Floors are gross in general because we carry whatever garbage we step in outside in with our feet. A no shoes in the house rule will help keep your floors clean. I try and sweep everyday and mop once a week with bleach. A clean floor means a clean kitchen; live by that rule.


Let’s keep our kitchens clean and get all those germs away from our food.