Weight Loss Victories Not Found on a Scale

The scale shouldn’t judge weight loss, instead it should be judged on several factors. The number on a scale can actually be very misleading, especially since muscle weighs more than fat. Weight loss in general is a long battle that will have ups and downs but as long as you are making strides, you should be proud. Instead of looking at that scale everyday, try to put it away for weeks at a time and let your body be the judge.

Use these important factors to motivate your weight loss journey and enjoy all your victories, big or small.


Feel Strong

If you are working out and eating healthier, you should start to notice small changes to your body, for instance, your strength overall should improve. If you used to dread taking the stairs at work and now you fly up them with ease, that’s a victory, enjoy it. The more you workout, the easier mundane, daily activities become. You’ll notice your body is stronger and you do things easier, which should be celebrated.

Stop looking at the scale for satisfaction and instead enjoy your newfound strength.


Muscles are more defined

Six-pack abs don’t happen in a day but after a few weeks of working out, you should notice some small definition changes in your muscles. Flex those arms and look at how all your hard work has paid off. You are working out for more than just numbers. The results should show you that you are on the right path to healthiness.

You should be proud of all that you have accomplished and use that as motivation to get you to your next fitness goal.


Clothes fit better

After a few weeks of working out and eating better, you should notice some changes almost immediately. Your clothing should fit differently, and you will be happier that you finally fit into certain clothing. We all have those “fat jeans” that we hate wearing because we know they only fit when we have let ourselves go. Your shirts should have more room in them and your waistline should be getting smaller incrementally.

Treat yourself and go by s new shirt or new pants that show off your new svelte frame that you’ve worked so hard on. Shopping for new clothing is the perfect motivation and a great reward for hard work.


Friends and family notice

Compliments make it all worth it. When people start saying how good you look, your confidence grows and you just want to start working harder. The more people that notice your improvements, the better you feel. That’s why I try and compliment people as much as I can because I know first hand how good it feels. Making people’s day by mentioning how good they look when you know they are trying to lose weight is an awesome thing to do for others and you only want back in return.



Working out and losing weight makes you feel excellent. Your endorphins are streaming through your body and you are on a natural high. Your body is working at a higher efficiency so your whole system is better off. Being healthy is the best feeling and you know that all your hard work paid off.


Keep up the hard work people and the rewards will be well worth it. It’s important to not dwell on numbers off a scale and instead let your body and mind be the judge of your weight loss journey.