We All Need More Vitamin B12 In Our Lives

Vitamin B12 may be one of the most important vitamins you can put in your body and most of us are lacking in it. Did you know that Vitamin B12 is only found in animal sources and helps the body produce DNA, red blood cells and helps power our immune system? B Vitamins, in general, are crucial to our overall health but B12 is special so pay attention.


Vitamin B12 is a powerful tool to help strengthen your immune system during the times of year when everyone is getting sick around you. Your body can’t produce new red blood cells without it. Your body also uses B12 to increase the efficiency of your nerves making your body run smoother and more effectively. Lack of this vitamin in your system can lead to weakness, fatigue, and lightheadedness, so the elderly and people with digestive disorders need it the most.


Since only animal products contain B12 vegetarians and vegans will have to find alternative ways to get this crucial vitamin in their system. A healthy diet consisting of healthy fruits, veggies and grains still needs B12 supplements. All you need to do is eat some of these foods rich in the vitamin and you will have nothing to worry about.


All shellfish are high in B12 but none have higher concentrations than clams. These little delicious shellfish contains 1,400% of your daily dose needed in only three ounces of clams. Why not snack on a few of these tasty shellfish.

Another great choice for B12 is Oysters, the aphrodisiac is also packed full of Zinc, which helps the immune system as well.

Fill up on the bounty of the sea with some Mussels and crabs to get your B12 fix. All these tasty shellfish will help you stay healthy and create a body homeostasis that is very strong.


Fish is another treat from the oceans that can benefit you with added B12. Try some sardines in a fresh marinara to get that vitamin punch you require. You can try some fattier fish like a trout to get your essential fatty acids and all the B12 you can handle.

I prefer Salmon as its super easy to prepare and taste less fishy than the white fish like trout. Salmon is delicious anyway it’s prepared but I prefer the healthier baked or grilled versions.

Eat some canned or fresh tuna to get the vitamins you need, it’s easily the most available and accessible fish.


Sure beef has plenty of vitamins and minerals our bodies need but you are best served to stick to the leaner cuts. Beef fat is much less beneficial than fish fats, so try and ditch the fatty cuts.   Beef contains a good amount of zinc so chow down, but do it responsibly.


Dairy products are vital to getting the essential vitamins we need to get our dairy on people. Did you know that milk not only has tons of vitamin D and calcium but it can help women with PMS symptoms?

Yogurt is a great tool for creating overall health, especially with your digestive system. Adding probiotics and helping balance microflora, yogurt can help with many different digestive disorders.


Eggs and chicken offer essentially the same benefits since one is a product of the other. Each adds much-needed B12 and other helpful nutrients like vitamin D and calcium.

Eat any or all of these vitamin B12 rich foods for overall excellent health.