Ways to Make Running Easier

Nothing good comes easy and running certainly fits that mold. Running may be one of the best workouts for increasing stamina but is often so hard to do. The strain on your body and the amount of effort needed can stop people in their tracks.   Some days it’s almost impossible to finish your run so try these proven tricks to improve your run and make it a bit easier in general.


Set small distance goals

Setting attainable goals for each run make it harder for you to quit mid run. Maybe you get a cramp and in your mind are done with running for the day, use your attainable goals to push yourself. Often getting over a hump like that will kick yourself into gear and you’ll finish your whole run. Setting these little goals make reaching one a celebration and a jolt of energy.


Podcast/Book on Tape

Instead of listening to music, try getting engaged in something like a podcast or book on tape. These allow your mind to race and not think about the actual run. Tricking your mind is a great technique to push past a runner’s wall.



Using your core to power through the tough spots in a run can help in making it easier. Running with proper form will make all your muscles work properly together and the miles will almost run themselves.



Stretching before a workout is not just important its vital to not getting injured. You can’ run when you’re injured, so avoid stupid injuries by stretching properly. A good stretch will also warm you up so when you do start to run you’ll already be in the zone.


Find exciting routes

Switch up your runs so the scenery pushes you through the tough spots. Picking an exciting route can also increase your anticipation, which inevitably pushes you.



A little caffeine can go a long way to amping up your initial energy so that you are in the groove early.   This caffeine boost will make the run seem effortless, at least for a while.


Breathing techniques

Taking deep breathes when your run becomes difficult will center yourself and help you push past the pain and get back into your zone. Use that runner’s high to control your breathing.


Be grateful you can run

Seriously, take notice of how lucky you are that you can run and be appreciative of your abilities. Many people can’t and they would gladly switch places with you in a second.


Take your time

This isn’t a race so set a pace that isn’t blistering but instead is manageable. You want to run not sprint, so that you can control your breathing and stretch out your energy. The run should be consistent instead of sprint then walk then repeat.


Dress properly

Jeans and a sport coat aren’t jogging appropriate, so dress accordingly to the weather and your activities.   This includes the shoes and socks. Make sure you are prepared for your exercise.


Run shorter but steeper

If you are having issues with the distance, try a more intense, shorter run. Hill climbs can really be a great workout in half the time. Find a steep hill and get up it as fast as possible and repeat.


Trail running

If you are having issues with stamina and finishing runs, try a trail run. The added scenery and nature may take your mind off the run and force you to push yourself. Plus maybe some animal will chase you so you HAVE to run.


Stop timing yourself

Just run to run, who cares how fast you did it, as long as you finish what you set out to finish.



Don’t be afraid to walk/run when you need to. There is no shame in it, as long as you are moving, you are exercising, remember that.  No matter how fast you are moving you are still lapping the person on the couch.