Twins Born Together Wed Together

Mairead and Siobhan Ryan are twins who are, like most twins, incredibly close. They share everything with each other and they don’t know how to operate without the other. There is a special bond between twins that no one else can come close to replicating. These two twins love each other dearly and decided that since they do everything together they might as well get married together as well. Mairead and Siobhan are still with their childhood sweethearts and decided they were both ready to take the next step in their relationships at the same time.



Not only did the twins decide to get married together, but they also started dating their grooms at the same time. These four have been together since they were all 16 years old and now their beautiful wedding will see them all be together until death do they part. The ceremony was beautiful and these two twins could not imagine getting married any other way. There were two beautiful brides and two beautiful grooms and it was a wedding that no one will soon forget.


Siobhan’s husband incredibly was born right around the same time as the twins as well. Actually, he was born the day before the twins at the exact same hospital. It seems as though they were all destined to be together. These four do everything together, although they did not actually get engaged at the same time. Mairead got engaged before her sister but they waited almost ten years to get married and by that time, her sister was ready to go as well.


These two didn’t think of having a joint wedding and were each planning their own until a friend suggested it. At first, they were opposed to the idea, but after a little while, they decided that it made a lot of sense. Their guest lists were identical and they wanted to have their wedding in the exact same place. That is when they decided that having their wedding together was the only sensible option.


Also, when you’re doing two weddings at once that means you have a lot more money to spend. This truly made it a wedding for the ages. They did wear different dresses but they both picked each other out and they both looked absolutely gorgeous walking down the aisle.


Mairead got to go first because she is five minutes older than Siobhan, but other than that, the rest of the ceremony was spent together. After they exchanged “I do”s and all four rings the couples set out to party the night away at their awesome reception. The wedding was a smashing success and the twins found that when the love was multiplied so was the fun. The twins do not plan on honeymooning together, but that’s okay because they do deserve some space every once in a while. This is a remarkable way to honor your family and have a wedding that is absolutely one of a kind.